Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ron Wait’s Campaign Disclosure

RON Wait is running for the Republican nomination for District 2 of the County Board.  While campaign disclosure for that race is not available yet here are some of the other records.

Mr. Wait ran for Circuit Judge but lost to Rob Tobin.  Here are those numbers (from: As you can see Mr. Wait personally loaned $120,000 to his campaign for judge.










Obama Plans Big Effort to Build Support Among Women -


On Monday, mailings will go out to 1 million women in more than a dozen battleground states in three separate versions for mothers, young women and older women, campaign and party officials said.

An effort called “Nurses for Obama” will begin on Wednesday, with nurses nationwide enlisted to be advocates for the health care law in their communities

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FatWallet renews lease in Beloit - Beloit Daily News:


FatWallet’s original, one-year lease started April 11, 2011 and came with a second-year option. And in February, the company executed that option, ensuring its presence here into 2013.

Located at 80 and 100 E. Grand Ave. in two buildings that amount to more than 23,000 square feet, FatWallet has continued to expand since its northern migration, and now city officials hope the company and its more than 60 employees will stick around for the long run.

The building, a portion of which juts out over the Rock River, formerly housed offices for Kerry Ingredients and Flavours and is owned by the city

In September, FatWallet was acquired by San Francisco-based Ebates, also an Internet company. With a new, broader corporate structure and ties to the country’s tech-heavy West Coast, FatWallet and Ebates executives have yet to figure out what makes the most sense going forward, Washatka said.

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Daily Chronicle | Our View: Thumbs up to needed plan targeting misconduct of officials


The Daily Chronicle editorial board offers this week’s thumbs up and thumbs down:

Thumbs up: To the DeKalb County State’s Attorney’s Office for launching an initiative against public corruption. The program aims to educate public officials on their responsibilities and expected conduct while in office and gives residents a resource to report instances of public corruption. The initiative includes the appointment of prosecutor Victor Escarcida as the supervisor of public integrity to lead the effort. While the timing of the initiative raises eyebrows – it was announced just weeks before Campbell faces Sean Smith in the March 20 Republican primary for the office – such a program is needed in this county. Residents can share concerns by calling 815-895-7164 or visiting

Daily Chronicle | Our View: Thumbs up to needed plan targeting misconduct of officials

Here is some more information on the DeKalb States Attorney’s program.  Click on the following:


Campbell said there are no ongoing investigations but he said he was aware of published concerns in the county such as allegations that the DeKalb Public Library and the City of DeKalb did not comply with the Illinois Local Library Act, issues with speeding tickets in Kirkland and questionable tax assessments in Kirkland township. His intent is to be proactive in the fight against public corruption and urged government officials, employees and citizens to blow the whistle when they think something is wrong. Citizens should report those concerns by calling 815-895-7164 or visiting the new website at

March 13th Meeting of Township will set agenda for Town Hall Meeting

The following is the agenda for this month’s regular Belvidere Township meeting.  The agenda and agenda items for the April 10, 2012 Town Hall meeting will be discussed  and determined at that meeting. 

Belvidere Township residents who have concerns regarding the Town Hall Meeting on April10 may wish to attend.





8200 Fairgrounds Road

March 13, 2012 – 5:00 P.M.

I. Call to Order / Roll Call

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Approval of Prior Meeting’s Minutes

IV. Transfers

V. Reports

a. Supervisor’s Report

b. Highway Commissioner’s Report

c. Assessor’s Report

d. Clerk’s Report

e. Trustee’s Report

VI. Unfinished Business


VII. Legal


VIII.New Business

a. Discussion to set rules in regards to public comment

b. Annual Town Meeting Agenda

c. Belvidere Township Newsletter


IX. Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Bills

X. Public Input

XI. Closed Session


XII. Adjournment

* Please note in order to take final action on an item it must be specified on the posted agenda 48 hours in advance of the meeting.