Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tax assessment change would help homeowners, hurt governments - Rockford, IL - Rockford Register Star


proposal would allow property assessors to use foreclosures and homes sold through short sales when determining the value of a home

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Madigan delivers lecture on professionalism at NIU Law

Through this new law, we are getting documents that should always have been open to the public actually turned over,” Madigan said. “The changes to FOIA are really sweeping. We had to do this to directly confront the long-entrenched culture of secrecy in Illinois.”
Madigan said that she had dedicated herself to creating transparency and holding public officials accountable. She described several cases in which her office succeeded in reducing or exposing waste and corruption, protecting the public from scams and ensuring the criminal justice system is working.

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Attention North Boone Parents and Taxpayers—You should look at the comments of the RR Star’s recent article on Superintendent Baule

See the comments shown below from a Rockford Register Star reader regarding the new chief at North Boone.  Base upon the comments especially from Westmont residents you can see why Dr. Baule applied for the job at North Boone.  There are over 50 comments. Whether that indicates something good or bad that is up to you and the test of time.

In a special meeting Thursday, board members picked Baule over eight other people to replace Rita Brodnax. The applicant list was provided by the Boone/Winnebago Regional Office of Education.

Steven M. Baule resigned Tuesday night as superintendent for the Westmont School District to become North Boone’s leader, effective July 1.

His three-year contract gives an annual salary of $135,000, plus retirement benefits.


from PGMOM:

wow I just looked up his former salary and it was 184,948 ---- with pension and health insurance and annuity funds compensation -- total compensation $218,000.00 -- not hard to find did google search Steven Baule Salary Superintendent Westmont School District and then clicked on first one that came up for search --seems odd he broke a contract with a good school district and good pay for this
when is the next board meeting scheduled - will have
to find this out. what changes can he bring to our district?///             

from Bent

Baule was involved in a grade-inflation scandal at Zion that along with other character issues contributed to his dismissal.
It was discovered he inflated 184 semester grades upward, and then had the arrogance to brag how he 'improved' grades at Zion in one of the self-serving 'books' he uses to impress the next district that might hire him. Watch your back North Boone...feel the stirrups yet?

from dingoringo

Am I the only one bothered that Mr. Baule has been a teacher in two states,a librarian, an assistant principal, a principal, an assistant superintendent, a superintendent, and author and he's only 43 years old? How can you claim success at so many careers in so little time? How many of the people commenting here have actually met Steve? How many have interacted with him? If anyone feels the citizens of Westmont have reacted harshly please do not misinterpret our actions. The parents of 201 are not mean or vindictive, we are extending a courtesy that we wish we had been extended. We are passionate because we, like you, care about our small community and our kids and want the best for both. That said, from personal experience, Baule has gone on record as not being a fan of the poor, ESL or special needs student. If you think your child needs services please try to secure them before the end of the year.

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With No Job, Plenty of Time for Tea Party -

NY Times view of Tea-Partiers is very interesting and something I did hear before.

[tea party members and grassroots organizers] they had lost their jobs, or perhaps watched their homes plummet in value, and they found common cause in the Tea Party’s fight for lower taxes and smaller government.

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