Saturday, October 3, 2009

Genoa, Belvidere bury the hatchet over Amtrak

News we have not heard in Boone-Winnebago Counties.

officials from Belvidere and Rockford appear to have buried the hatchet with their pro-Genoa-route counterparts from DeKalb County. City officials, state legislators, county officials, business leaders and IDOT bigwigs met Monday in an unannounced, closed-door summit meeting in a Rockford restaurant

IDOT railroads chief George Weber said the restaurant meeting "resulted in a consensus that we would go forward with that route. We know that everyone's not happy about that, but we agreed this is the best opportunity to get federal funding."

Trains following the Genoa route would reach the same stations in Rockford and follow the same route between Rockford and Dubuque

To avoid competing against Metra commuter trains, Amtrak would not be allowed to carry passengers from Chicago to South Elgin or from South Elgin to Chicago.

In another development, IDOT announced that a public information meeting about the project will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Northern Illinois University Outreach Center, at 8500 E. State St. in Rockford

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What Egypt's swine slaughter hath wrought

Swine “fever” destroys the hogs of Cairo.

It was alleged by the regime of President Hosni Mubarak, on the basis of no evidence whatever, that the swine themselves were the carriers of the so-called "swine flu."

As a consequence of the pig massacre, the streets of Cairo have become almost unlivable, and the Christian garbage collectors, locally called the zabaleen, have been robbed of their livelihood.

"They killed the pigs, let them clean the city," as one former garbage collector and pig man, Moussa Rateb, was quoted as saying of the Egyptian authorities.

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Praise for Nickels as 1,000th city signs his climate pact

American cities overrule President Bush’s decision.

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels on Friday announced the 1,000th city had signed his climate-protection agreement, a pledge to significantly reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in line with Kyoto Protocol standards.

"We need to lead, city by city." The 1,000th city was Mesa, Ariz

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Gate splits border community, unites it in disdain

For decades, the towns of Derby Line, Vt., and Stanstead, Quebec, have functioned as one community.

they share a sewer system, emergency services, snowplowing duties and the border-straddling Haskel

Work began Thursday, though, to erect of a pair of 5-foot-tall steel gates across two previously unguarded residential streets -- a project that is dividing the towns physically but uniting them in displeasure.

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