Saturday, April 24, 2010

Daily Chronicle’s View: Tough times for remap reform fans

the League of Women Voters announced Monday that its citizen initiative to put the Fair Map Amendment on the ballot has collected only 120,000 signatures, less than half of the 288,000 necessary.
Reform in Illinois won’t come about because of a clarion call, or, apparently, from a citizen initiative. It would take a miracle, and the politicians in charge have outlawed miracles.

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City finds original plans for Winfield subdivision

Developer problems in South Beloit. 

The subdivision was built under the partnership of Sunil Puri, president of First Rockford Group, and affiliate Chris Cannell, who developed plats one through five under Roscoe Development Co. LLC.

Residents are planning to sue the developers and the city over the problems.[Drainage, flooding, misrepresentation?]

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Will Boone County Chairman Walberg nominate S. Anthony Gould to the Housing Authority Board?

Boone County Housing Authority made a few head lines in 2008/2009.  Allegation and facts showed some of the following:  failure to have books audited by a CPA for multiple years when such is required by federal law;  questionable housing vouchers to individuals who may have not really been county residents; contracting services with individuals related to the administrator. After these allegations became public the administrator resigned and a new administrative team from Winnebago County took control of daily operations of  the Housing Authority.  The Boone County Housing Authority is still controlled by a Board of Commissioners, all appointed by the Boone County Board Chairman (with the advise and consent of the Boone County Board).   There now is a vacancy on that board.

Since February 2010 Boone County invited applications for the position of Commissioner of the Boone County Housing Authority.  The closing date for application for that post was March 26, 2010.   Only one person has applied—S. Anthony Gould of Poplar Grove.  To date,  Mr. Walberg has not announced his selection.

Below is the Freedom of Information Request which verify Mr. Gould’s application.  Click on the photocopy to enlarge.

FOIA Housing Appointment