Wednesday, March 24, 2010

State's ruling on FOIA partially denied | Daily Chronicle

city must disclose any "names of prospective candidates, their résumés, curricula vitae and letters or e-mail correspondence between prospective candidates and Mayor (Kris) Povlsen concerning their qualifications for the Third Ward position," according to the letter

city does not have to disclose e-mail correspondence between Povlsen and sitting aldermen, according to the letter. But rather than the privacy exemption, the PAC determined that a different exemption – records in which "opinions are expressed, or policies or actions are formulated" unless when the record is "publicly cited and identified" by the mayor – is valid.

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Majority of Poor, Young, Uninsured Back Healthcare Bill

A majority of seniors say passing it was a bad thing

Overall Reaction to Passage of Healthcare Bill -- Key Subgroups

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A place to grow: Community gardens sprouting up at area churches - Freeport, IL

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is one of three area churches that will be planting a community garden this spring.

Raised bed plots will also be available for rent for about $10 a season. Although the final dimensions and prices have yet to be finalized, they also will be around eight by four feet.

There was a movement, probably started last year, that recognized the need for sources for food for people in the community who don’t have enough,” Bronn said. “We decided that a community garden would be a great way to enhance the environment and grow food for people who really need it.”

A place to grow: Community gardens sprouting up at area churches - Freeport, IL - The Journal-Standard

Wanxiang's solar panel plant nears opening day in Rockford


Boone and Winnebago counties’ Workforce Investment Board recently got a $735,000 federal stimulus grant to train workers in solar-energy jobs, including installing the completed panels. Details are still being worked out, though, on how the money will be spent and how residents can apply for training.
Wanxiang Group is China’s second-largest privately held company, with revenues in the billions of dollars annually. Its Wanxiang America subsidiary had $1 billion in sales last year.

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Was the February 17 secret Illinois Senate meeting on the state budget illegal?

Original Letter:
From Adam Andrzejewski
Former Republican Gubernatorial Candidate and For The Good Of Illinois, Founder

Attorney General Lisa Madigan Punts on Important Transparency Issue

On February 17th , 2010, for the first time in Illinois history, the Illinois Senate met in a secret budget meeting defined as a “joint caucus”. The Chicago Tribune editorial board used the term “probably illegal” to describe the meeting.

“The Illinois Senate used the statehouse as their personal private meeting hall, abusing the state constitution, the open meetings act, and the spirit of open and transparent Government. Discussing the severity of and solutions to the Illinois budget crisis, a topic that is negatively impacting every Illinois citizen and business, the Senate Sergeant at Arms held order and barred entry to the press under threat of arrest,” Andrzejewski related. “The people of Illinois pay for the lights, heat, building, and the salaries of the every state employee and legislator; yet, the people of Illinois were locked out of the discussion.”

Responding to Andrzejewski’s “Request for Review”, Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office rendered her opinion today. Here is what she said:

It’s ironic that the self-described “Champion” of transparency is of no legal assistance on this issue. The Attorney General’s office basically says:

1. Because of politics, we are not going on the record on the substance of this issue

2. If the Legislature invents a type of “meeting” not defined by statue or in the Constitution, they can do what they want in that meeting, and

3. In order to get any finding of a violation of the spirit or letter of Illinois laws, you need to file a law suit and hope that the court finds in favor of transparency.

“This is merely another example of how Illinois’ political class abuses the laws, and citizenry, of Illinois. Why bother having a Freedom of Information Act, an Open Meetings Act, or even a Constitution, if the Legislature can operate outside any rules with impunity?” asked Andrzejewski.
The un-enforceable Illinois Constitution, along with the amorphous laws passed underneath it, deprive the citizens of their putative right to see the workings of their government. This is by design, not by accident, as Lisa Madigan’s actions indicate.

Lisa Madigan letter on caucus

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Author's foray into memoir writing started as Mother’s Day gift

Boone County’s Health Administrator peddles his book. 

Most of us never get rich,” said Empereur, 63, of Rockford. “We never leave a fortune behind. But we can leave a fortune of memories behind.”
Empereur, who has spent most of his life as a public health administrator or consultant, says his self-published book initially started as a memoir

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FACT CHECK: Spinning the new health care law | Daily Chronicle

Here's a look at some of the myths and realities, from both sides of the issue:

— Obama has put the nation on a slippery slope toward socialism.

— Health care overhaul is going to lower your health insurance premiums.

— You will be forced to pay for other people's abortions.

— The Democratic bill will lead to government health care rationing.

— The American people have already rejected Obamacare.

— The legislation will save Medicare from bankruptcy.

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Sweeping state pension overhaul proposed

-- Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is proposing overhauling state and local pensions…

legislation would limit to $106,800 the salary that is applied to a public sector employee's pension.

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Boone County #9 on AP’s list of economically troubled counties

Boone County only eight California counties are worse  and Winnebago did not make the list.

AP’s Economic Stress Index found the average county’s score in January was 11.9. That was sharply higher than the 10.8 reading in December, the previous high.

index calculates a score from 1 to 100 based on a county’s unemployment, foreclosure and bankruptcy rates. A higher score in dictates more stress.


The 20 most economically stressed counties with populations of at least 25,000 and their January 2010 stress scores.


1.Imperial County, Calif.31.34

2.Merced County, Calif. 28.09

3.Lyon County, Nev.27.91

4.San Benito County, Calif.26.58

5.Yuba County, Calif.  25.47

6.Stanislaus County, Calif.25.07

7.Sutter County, Calif.24.92

8.San Joaquin County, Calif.24.68

9.Boone County, Ill.24.64

10.Marion County, S.C.24.60

11.Lapeer County, Mich.24.44

12.Iosco County, Mich.24.13

13.Nye County, Nev.24.00

14.Cheboygan County, Mich.23.81

15.Lake County, Calif.23.72

16.Taney County, Mo.23.12

17.Clark County, Nev.22.97

18.Marshall County, Tenn.22.89

19.Chester County, S.C.22.69

20.Union County, S.C.22.64

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