Wednesday, April 6, 2011

“Political Grandstanding can have an effect on regular Americans”

The above words from a constituent  were quoted by President Obama at 1:45 PM ET this morning. As he commented on late night negotiations to avoid a government shut-down.

Wisconsin State Supreme Court race headed for likely recount - JSOnline

Madison — A recount is all but certain in the race for state Supreme Court, which would pose a host of legal questions, raise the political stakes in efforts to recall state senators, ignite a new bout of political fundraising and further fuel Wisconsin's ongoing battle over union bargaining.

On Wednesday, nearly 20 hours after the polls closed, Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg claimed victory over Justice David Prosser after an unofficial tally showed her holding the thinnest of leads.

Kloppenburg's lead could disappear or grow stronger once official tallies are sent by counties to the Government Accountability Board, which runs state elections.

last statewide recount was in 1989 over a referendum to change the state Constitution to allow officials to provide income tax credits on property taxes or sales taxes people paid. The proposal lost by 650 votes in the first official count and by 1,098 in the recount, he said.

With a recount looming, the next step is to make sure "ballot integrity" is protected, Nemoir [Prosser Campaign Director] said. Nemoir said the campaign was beginning the process of checking with vote counters in each of the state's 72 counties to make sure ballots are protected and no one tampers with them.

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I90 Reconstruction Work Set To Begin This Week

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Work's supposed to begin this week on an I90 Roadway and Bridge Rehabilitation Project to repair and resurface pavement and bridges between the Elgin Toll Plaza and Barrington Road and between Genoa Road and Route 20. 

What's involved is milling off the top layer of asphalt, repairing the concrete road base and resurfacing the 52-year-old roadway with a four-inch layer of asphalt. The project also includes rehabilitation of 25 bridges 5  culverts. Other work includes roadway signage, guardrail and storm sewer improvements and installation of additional roadway cameras as part of the Tollway’s Traffic and Incident Management System.

Tollway officials said they'd keep as many lanes open in the work zone as they could by using shoulders and express lanes but they said some temporary lane closures might be required at times. They're supposed to be scheduled during non-peak hours. This week there'll be temporary overnight lane closures to remove rumble strips and prepare the outside shoulders to carry daily traffic during construction.  Pre-stage work's expected to be done in a couple of weeks in the 10-mile section between the Elgin Toll Plaza and Barrington Road.
Later on the project will require occasional closures at some entrance and exit ramps. During the first stage of construction, one I-PASS Only lane at the  Route 59 and the Beverly Road  toll plazas will close with the cash lane remaining open for both cash and I-PASS customers.  Subsequent stages will include split configurations with express and local lanes, and long-term ramp closures with detours at the IL Route 25 and IL Route 31 interchanges. 

Alleged Latin King chief found guilty -


His power and sway over the Latin Kings, one of the country's largest street gangs, stretched from 26th Street to the East Coast and Texas, prosecutors say.

But on Wednesday, after two days of deliberations, Augustin "Tino" Zambrano, 51, considered by authorities as the gang's highest-ranking leader in the nation, was convicted of racketeering conspiracy and multiple federal charges for orchestrating violence and drug dealing in Chicago. The federal jury also convicted three other reputed ranking leaders of all charges.

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Shutdown Showdown: Republicans, Democrats Express Some Optimism About Deal - ABC News


Members of Congress will Continue to be Paid Even if Funds Aren't Appropriated for Soldiers

Soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan will not receive paychecks next week if the government fails to come together on a resolution to keep the government funded and avert a shutdown, senior government officials said today.

Military personnel will be paid eventually but not until Congress appropriates money to the Department of Defense

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge Race—the current count

April 06, 2011 - 04:00PM ET

Prosser:  739,886

Kloppenburg:  740,090

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County by county count

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Universities come through in monitoring for radiation | Seattle Times Newspaper

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Federal and state officials have doled out only snippets of monitoring data in the weeks since the earthquake and tsunami on March 11. The most complete picture of the types and amounts of isotopes wafting across the ocean has come from a surprising source: university scientists.

A team at the University of Washington rigged up a detection system as soon as it became clear the Japanese reactors were damaged. Unlike some agencies, they have shared their full results with the public — including the newest measurements that show levels are now a tenth of what they were on March 20, when concentrations of radioactive material peaked in Seattle.

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