Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How can Poplar Grove Township assist the pantry and Belvidere Township cannot?

“Hunger is Unacceptable in our Community “

clip_image002People are surprised to learn that in this community there are people, young, elderly and in-between, who do not have the resources to feed themselves or their families adequately. That is why the Belvidere /Boone County Food Pantry exists – to aid those who need food especially on an emergency basis. We want to make sure that every person/child/family has the food they need to sustain themselves. So, we are seeking donations to help the 1500 – 2000 individuals (on average) who use our pantry every month. With this bad economic time, the number of people who need the food pantry’s assistance keeps increasing.

On September 27, I spoke to the Board of Trustees at the Belvidere Township meeting to ask them for a donation so we may continue to provide food and other necessities to the people in Belvidere Township who are live in poverty and need our help. We have not received support from the Belvidere Township in the past, but hope that will change in the future. We serve a significant number of Belvidere township residents and have been doing so for the past 7 years. Poplar Grove Township has been generous in financially assisting the pantry this past year and our hope is that the other townships in Boone County will follow their example. We need the support of all of our local governments to help us continue the services we have been providing to our clients for several years. We are not supported by any State or Federal entities. The pantry is stocked entirely by the generosity of individuals, businesses, civic groups and the faith based community. This support has sustained us for a long time, but now with the increased unemployment in our area, we need financial assistance to make sure every household receives the food and daily essentials necessary for day to day existence.

Our pledges are down, our donations of products are down, and the number of people we serve continues to rise. We need help feeding your neighbor, maybe a family member, the person you sit next to in church, or someone you work beside. Some of our past contributors are now our clients.

“It’s a Community Problem ... None of us want to see people going Hungry”

If you are willing to help, please call Linda Clark, executive director of the Belvidere/Boone County Food Pantry at 815/979-5412.

Thank you and God bless all of the generous people and businesses in Boone County who have supported us in the past.


Linda Clark

Executive Director

Belvidere /Boone County Food Pantry

How many residents of Boone County received General Assistance last year?

Below are  the numbers for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2011.
There were 27 cases of General Assistance in Belvidere Township; 31 cases in the remaining eight townships for a total of 58 cases.  All township use the Belvidere Township office to process their claims.
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FY 2010 General Assistance Numbers

“King of Bain”—30 minutes of truth or misrepresentation?

Mitt Romney is the "King of Bain," according to a video released by a Super PAC closely aligned with Newt Gingrich.

It is payback time for Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich is repaying his debt to Mitt Romney.

Gingrich felt that Romney unfairly attacked him during the Iowa Caucus with Super PAC ads that Romney said he had nothing to do with. Then Newt called Mitt a liar.



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Where are all the people who use the Capron Food Pantry from?

The following was submitted to Belvidere Township to support the request from Belvidere/Boone County Food Pantry for a donation.


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food pantry clients