Sunday, September 4, 2011

The new “lower” height design of St. James church

Neither the parish nor its architect has posted the changes proposed to Belvidere City Council.  Thus only parishioners who attended the August 15 city council meeting or have been given a special showing are aware of the new design.

Here are the changes proposed—basically the building is now seven feet lower* and now closer to the parish center.

* Seventy feet was described previously as the height; these photocopies speak of 72 feet as the original plans and 63 feet as the new height.  Note both plans have a cross on the roof which is still higher than these heights.

Brochure B-1


Brochure B-4


Brochure B-5

Brochure B Main_thumb[10]

However now look what happens when the trees are erased (after all the trees around the convent will have to be cut down.) And your view is only of the structures near the new church. The new church is twice the height of the gym at the parish center and because of distance from the school proper is nearly twice its height.

Brochure B   Main Touched_thumb[31]

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