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To the Editor: No respect for constituents | The Rock River Times


To the Editor: No respect for constituents

Editor’s note: The following is a letter that was sent to U.S. Rep. Donald Manzullo (R-16), which the writer chose to share with us.

Dear Congressman Manzullo,

On March 22nd, 2010, a day after my 23rd birthday, I participated in three meetings with the staff of my elected representatives. I was in Washington, D.C., for Ecumenical Advocacy Days and there to learn about the undocumented illegal immigrants in this country. Little did I know, I would end up feeling like I had no voice, much like them.

I was treated with class and dignity by my first two appointments (Durbin and Gutierrez), not so much with the third. I am sorry to tell you, but my third meeting was with your staffers. Michele was very nice and seemed open to different opinions. Your other staffer, on the other hand, was not. He frequently checked his phone and texted even as others in my group were talking to him. When we mentioned that immigration reform would create jobs, he rolled his eyes at us. I felt absolutely terrible about myself.

He said you were working on immigration reform, so we asked him how. He said that when we do business with a foreign country such as Japan, you need to get a visa to travel over there or vice versa, and that takes many days. Your assistant said you are working to change that. Well, I believe that is just business as usual. I would like to see you work for the everyday man and woman.

Big business got us into this financial crisis we are suffering through, and is now responsible for the environmental crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. I had to finance part of the trip from my own pocket because I firmly believe in the cause. I felt very disrespected that your staffer could not treat your own constituents with the dignity and respect that they deserve. I felt marginalized like the people I had come to represent. Some of my friends have been here close to 20 years, and they are still not able to gain citizenship because they came here illegally. To me, they are more important than speeding up visas so business can continue as usual. Thank you for your time.

Chris Benson

Loves Park, Ill.

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New law grants more review of denied health claims

New Illinois law effective 7-1-2010 

Consumers can request an external review within four months of getting notice that their insurer has denied a claim or treatment request. …. The external review must be paid for by the insurer and must be completed within 20 business days.

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Mixed signals from GOP


Bill Brady and Mark Kirk, two Republicans running for top Illinois offices, sometimes seem to be running in different directions

Kirk, the party's Senate candidate, questions the judgment of any public official who winds up not paying income taxes. That category includes Kirk's Democratic opponent but also Brady, the GOP nominee for governor.

Kirk, a member of Congress, voted for "cap-and-trade" environmental legislation (but now opposes it), supports abortion rights and stem-cell research and has backed some gun control measures.

Quinn's campaign mocked Brady for not paying income taxes last year, only to find out that Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias is in the same position.

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Noteworthy Letters to the Editor


This week’s Boone County Journal has a number of very noteworthy letters.  The paper is available free at many of your local merchants and at:

Public Assistance in Belvidere Township:

Here is the problem I have with the Belvidere Township
assistance fund. They started the year with $181,000.00
balance. They spent $52,000 and ended the year with a
balance of $195,000.00. Of the $52,000.00 they spent over
$33,000.00 was payroll. Looks like they “assisted’’ about
$22,000.00! They earned $1,926.00 in interest which would
be 3% on $64,000.00 and who is getting 3%? Where is the
I could go through the same math with the Hwy.
Department but it seems nobody cares!
Who is watching the hen house?
R.A. Korslin

Operations at the Boone County Board, Health Board Appointments and Chairman Walberg

Dear Editor:
I would like to respond to a recently published letter
written by Mr. Bob Walberg. He references a “scheme” by
six county board members. The idea of a “scheme” could
not be further from the truth. Perhaps he is simply confused.
Six people just seemed to see that the Board of Health had
some definitive problems. I, for one, fielded many complaints
from Boone county residents regarding the Boone
County Board of Health. Ironically, Mr. Walberg suggests
that a “scheme” was used by six board members to remove
those Board of Health members: then, by default, there was
a scheme by the other six board members to retain them.
From my June 16, 2010 Memo to the County Board:
“Illinois State Statute has given county boards much responsibility,
one of which is the authority to appointment
people and/or community members to serve on various
boards and committees. The County Board Chairman must
make the appointments but can only do so with the advice
and consent of the County Board.
These boards and committees are intended to serve the
interests of the community, oversee any budget and/or tax
dollars that the entity may receive and establish policies and
procedures. The people who are appointed to these committees
and boards must be held accountable for their decisions
and actions not only to the County Board but to the general
public as well.
It is only fitting that the members of the County Board
give the applicants and appointments proper consideration.
I feel that in order for me, or this County Board, to make
educated decisions regarding the appointments certain information
must be provided. I, for one, will not be a mechanism
for placing a rubber stamp on an appointment.”
In that memo I also indicated that I would vote “no” to
every appointment unless I am provided complete and adequate
information so I may render an educated opinion.
I have been vocal in my opinion on the appointment
process and lack of information. My voting “no” to all appointments
was the direct result of insufficient information
required to make educated decisions on those appointments.
Mr. Walberg states “I always ask members to call me with
questions or concerns when I make appointments.” Perhaps
Mr. Walberg is looking for the consent part of the appointment
process while disregarding the advice part. Case in
point, the filling of the District 2 position approximately one
year ago. This same board indicated that they would not fill
the position without receiving the names of all applicants.
Numerous steps were taken to prevent the dispersion of information
to the County Board in relation to the candidates
for that opening. It appears that asking for advice is one
thing and listening to that advice and furthermore following
that advice is another. I can only speak for myself, but how
can I call with questions or comments when the agenda I
am provided only says appointments and it appears on every
agenda. In addition, there are many times the candidate
information is placed on our desk the day of the County
Board meeting.
The prior practices of opening up the appointment process
not only to the Board but to the community seems to
have been shelved. The law indicates that I am to provide
advice and when applicable my consent. I do apologize to
any candidate that may fall victim, but I simply cannot or
will not vote on any issue or appointment without first having
ample opportunity to review all the information I can.
The people of Boone County deserve that.
Theresa “Terri” Glass


Initiation fee for new [Chicago] area club: $125,000 | Golf with Ed Sherman | Crain's Chicago Business


new Chicago Highlands in Westchester features an Arthur Hills-designed, links-style course with sweeping views of the skyline.
The club, which opened in May, has a practice area that will be second to none. A huge pool complex is under construction, and plans are in the works for a full-sized ice skating rink and a lavish three-story clubhouse complete with bowling lanes.


built his Chicago golf property high on a landfill off of 31st Street in Westchester. An elevated green on the ninth hole stands 95 feet above the parking lot.

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