Thursday, August 4, 2011

Voters of Belvidere Township

You are needed at 6:00 PM Friday, August 5 at Belvidere Township office, 8200 Fairgrounds Road.  Unless you, in person, vote at this town meeting a great expansion of government will occur.

Please read the items below including the Rockford Register Star article.

Here are some questions to ask yourself or better yet your township trustees?


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Bel Township




Unemployment rose in nearly all US cities

Unemployment rates rose in more than 90 percent of U.S. cities in June, mirroring a national slowdown in hiring.

The Labor Department said Wednesday that unemployment rates rose in 345 large metro areas. They dropped in 20 cities and were unchanged in seven. That's worse than May, when rates rose in only 210 cities. And it is a sharp reversal from April, when unemployment rates fell in nearly all metro areas.

The biggest increase was in Joplin, Mo, which was hit by a major tornado on May 22. The city lost 9,400 jobs in June, and the unemployment rate jumped nearly 2 percentage points, to 9.6 percent.

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