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Bush visit related to policy institute

development of George W. Bush’s future library and policy institute in Dallas was the reason for the former president’s visit to Beloit’s ABC Supply Co. headquarters on Thursday.
ABC Supply owner Diane Hendricks, a longtime supporter of the former president, has met him in the past and contributed to his two presidential campaigns.

Diane Hendricks:  The policy institute is where I have a passion because it believes in the same philosophies and addresses the same issues I have concern for,” …. citing the institute’s mission statement of advancing policy initiatives that expand freedom, opportunity, responsibility and compassion.

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2004----Strip Clubs Urge Patrons to Vote Against Bush

Old news but very interesting.

Strip Clubs Urge Patrons to Vote Against Bush Wires
Thursday, May 20, 2004
BELOIT, Wis. – Owners of strip clubs are putting a little bada-bing in the presidential campaign by asking patrons to turn their eyes away from the stage for a moment to fill out a voter registration form and then vote against President Bush.

"It's not to say our industry loves John Kerry or anything like that," said Dave Manack, associate publisher of E.D. Publications, which publishes Exotic Dancer magazine. "But George Bush, if he's re-elected, it could be very damaging to our industry."

Fearful that conservatives might turn off the colored lights for good, a trade organization for adult night clubs is asking owners to register customers and employees and then encourage them to cast their ballots against the president. Micheal Ocello, president of Association of Club Executives, said the group believed the president's brand of conservatism was bad for business.

"We must do everything within our power to help ensure that Bush and his ultra conservative administration are removed from the White House," Ocello wrote in a letter to nearly 4,000 club owners. "If we are to survive, we must act now."

Heather Layman, spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, said she didn't know why the businesses would consider the president unfriendly to their industry. In its own voter-registration drive this year, the GOP has registered more than 1 million people.

"I have to admit that the strip club owners are not a group we targeted," Layman said.

Adult night clubs rake in an estimated $15 billion annually and employ 500,000 to 750,000 people, Manack said.

In southern Wisconsin, more than 200 people have registered in the past month at the bar Diamond Jim's and the strip club Isabella Queen, both located between Janesville and Beloit. They are the first of Wisconsin's 80 strip clubs to provide voter registration services.

"I'm actually fighting for my survival," said Jim Halbach, who owns the establishments. "That's the way I look at it

Strip Clubs Urge Patrons to Vote Against Bush

President Bush's Roots Extend to Beloit : College Magazine: News, page 12

President Bush's Roots Extend to Beloit

It's the whole truth and nothing but: U.S. President George W. Bush can trace his roots to Beloit. His great-great-grandfather, David Davis Walker of Bloomington, Ill., attended the Beloit Preparatory Department and Academy. He was in the "Normal and English" section when he attended in 1854 and 1855; he started his career in 1857 in dry goods, then began his own brokerage house in St. Louis. A modern-day relative, Christopher T. walker from Hamden, Conn., was tracing his family history in 1983 when he contacted the College about the lineage.

If Beloit College, where the President's ancestor attended, is called the "Yale of the Midwest," then Yale, his descendants' alma mater, surely must be known in their family as the "Beloit of the East."

Click on the following for more details:  Beloit College Magazine: News, page 12

Former President, First Lady attend private event


There I was, former President George W. Bush, with a plastic bag in my hand,” Bush joked with the crowd.
He also said, “It was an honor to serve our country and now it’s time to be retired citizens.” Bush called his presidential experience exciting and exhilarating and said he would absolutely do it again.
Bush spoke poignantly of the occasions he spent with families of fallen soldiers. He told the story of speaking with a father who wanted to join the military in honor of his fallen son.
The man asked Bush to grant him a waiver, and he acknowledged at first he didn’t know he could do that. Now, however, that 61-year-old doctor is in the navy where he has served in an Iraqi combat zone and in Afghanistan — all in honor of his son.
“America produces unbelievably patriotic people,” Bush said.
The former president also talked about his new book, which is expected to arrive in stores later this fall. He calls it a non-judgmental book that allows readers to make up their own minds regarding what Bush saw and heard.
On Iraq, Bush said, he had no regrets.
“I’d do it again. The world is a lot safer without Saddam Hussein in power,” he said.
Bush also spoke of alcohol use — a problem he said he overcame in 1986 — and of the importance of his relationships with his wife, children and father

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