Saturday, April 22, 2017

Controversy over trustee appointment/ouster of Chief at District 2 Fire District


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Posted by Boone County Board member Cathy Ward on April 21, 2017.

"BOONE COUNTY BOARD AND DISTRICT 2 FIREFIGHTERS - Standing room crowd at our Wednesday night board meeting. Still learning more details every day, but we learned that the three-member Board of District 2 trustees ousted former chief Brad Bartell recently and many volunteers stood united at the meeting to protest that ousting. They want us (the county board) to change the board of trustees. One member, Jack Ryan, was up for reappointment and the majority of the board approved that appointment. Ryan spoke briefly and said there were reasons for the trustees' decision. He did not elaborate. This did not make the volunteers there happy. One volunteer, Brent Bryan, spoke at length explaining why many, many of the volunteers are not happy with the actions of the trustees. Bryan said they planned to get a referendum to voters very soon and ask that trustees be elected, not appointed by the county board. The three trustees are Ryan, Kevin Stark and Jim Marrs. All had been recommended for appointment by former chair Bob Walberg. The trustees next meeting is set for Monday, May 1, at the Fire District offices located near the Belvidere Post Office and Boone County Council on Aging at 7 p.m. Volunteers are hoping many will attend this open meeting to hear of their concerns. More to come, I'm sure. Standing room crowds are relatively rare."

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SEE You-Tube proceedings of the Boone County Board regarding the appointment and public comment regarding it:

10 minute thru 16 minutes for the public comment

26 minute thru 30 minutes for discussion on vote on appointments.