Friday, January 8, 2010

Governor Schwarzenegger Offers Plan to Close California’s Deficit

large-scale pay cuts for state workers, the elimination of several social service programs and a plan to press the federal government for more money.

the governor said that he would like to see 5 percent pay reductions across the board, and that he wanted state employees to contribute an additional 5 percent toward their retirement costs.

Governor Schwarzenegger Offers Plan to Close California’s Deficit -

Naperville cuts 49 more positions

the city has reduced its work force by 10 percent at an annual savings of nearly $7 million.

Even with all that, Krieger said the city still has a $1 million hole in its budget

Daily Herald | Naperville cuts 49 more positions

Kane sheriff union talks continue

While both he and McConnaughay declined to talk about details, Carroll said any agreement approved by the union would include a no-layoffs clause. He also would not rule out furlough days and wage freezes as possibilities.

The parties face a ticking clock. Starting in December, the union took a voluntary 45-day freeze on a contracted pay increase. The freeze is set to thaw on Jan. 14, Carroll said.

Sheriff Pat Perez said his department still faces an $817,000 deficit on the public safety side.

Kane sheriff union talks continue :: The Courier News :: Local News

DeKalb to look at BYOB | Daily Chronicle


Sycamore created a BYOB license last year when a pizza place asked for one. The license allows customers of World Famous Pizza who are 21 and older to bring in their own beer or wine, as long as they order food.

Click on the following for more detailsDeKalb to look at BYOB | Daily Chronicle

Lawsuit Leveled at NDK Following Belvidere Explosion

Boone County State’s Attorney Michelle Courier and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan have filed a two-count complaint against NDK Crystal Incorporated. They say the company has caused environmental damage and that it should not be operating until officials find out why the explosion occurred.

Click on the following for more details from TV Channel 17:  Lawsuit Leveled at NDK Following Belvidere Explosion

When will the MIG/DeWane Landfill be capped?

Since 2000 the MIG/DeWane Landfill site has been in EPA litigation/negotiation.  Since 2006 a cap to the superfund site has been proposed and agreed by the EPA and the former operators.  In 2009 a special use permit to “ borrow”dirt from an adjacent property was applied for and then removed from consideration. I am sure the need for the cap has not been alleviated.   Does anyone know what is happening?

Mr. Pat Mattison (Rep., District 3, County Board) has written the following letter/email to the Illinois EPA to gain an understanding concern the current status of capping the supersite:

From: []
Sent: Saturday, December 19, 2009 4:19 PM
To:;;; Lanham, Rick
Subject: MIG DeWane Landfill Remedial Action Time Frame

To:  Ken Terrinoni, Boone County Administrator; Rick Lanham, Illinois EPA; Peggy Malone, Health & Human Services Committee, Boone County

Re:  MIG DeWane Landfill 4A Cap

From:  Patrick B. Mattison, Boone County Board Member, District 3

In September of 2008 a session was held to determine remedial actions to include the containment of landfill wastes by the installation of a multi-layer cap, plus other remedies.  The cap issue came before the Boone County Board in 2009, and then the cap proposal was removed from consideration.  It was my understanding the cap needed to be accomplished within a short time frame.

What is the risk exposure to the public by not capping the landfill?

When does the Illinois EPA feel the cap should be completed?

When does the Illinois EPA feel the remedial process be completed?

The following response indicates that the State, namely Mr. Lanham, should be getting back to Mr. Mattison soon.  It is anticipated that that response will then in turn be available at this blog:

Sent: 1/8/2010 11:24:37 A.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: RE: MIG DeWane Landfill Remedial Action Time Frame

Mr. Mattison,

Sorry that I was unable to get back to you sooner, but I was out of the office most of the last 2 weeks of calendar year 2009. I have reviewed your e-mail regarding the MIG/DeWane Landfill NPL site, and your letter (dated 12/29/09) to Mr. Karr (Office of the Illinois Attorney General), and have been researching documents in an attempt to provide answers to your questions. I will need to discuss some of your questions with an Illinois EPA Risk Assessor, and the Illinois EPA lawyer assigned to the MIG/DeWane site.

I have met with the Illinois EPA’s Community Relations Coordinator, Jay Timm, for the MIG/DeWane NPL site, to discuss your questions. I have yet to speak with Mr. Karr. I hope to have responses to your questions by late next week, or early the following week. I will need to contact you early next week to get clarification on part of your letter.  Thank you.


Rick Lanham

Catholic Dioceses major contributors to repeal same-sex marriage

 The following Letter to the editor was published today in the Rockford Register Star

Donation questionable

This summer the Catholic Diocese of Rockford donated $5,000 to the “Yes on One” campaign that stripped marriage rights from Maine residents.
While the diocese can spend its money any way it likes, fair-minded parishioners may want to ask Bishop Doran if this was the best use of that money.
Could it have had a greater impact if had been spent locally rather than on a ballot initiative that had zero impact on parishioners, unless of course they had wanted to go to Maine to get married.
They also may want to remember that when they pass the collection basket.

— Mike Macocco, Rockford, Community Viewpoints Board member

For a better understanding what occurred and issues go to the November 25, 2009 issue of National Catholic Reporter:  Dioceses major contributors to repeal same-sex marriage | National Catholic Reporter

In New York Commercial Real Estate, News Is Bad


Rents for commercial office space fell faster over the past two years than in any such period in the last half century.

“I have been in the business for 12 years. I have never seen it this bad,” Peter Von Der Ahe,

Property and Portfolio Research, a Boston-based independent real estate research and advisory firm. He predicts that by 2011, the value of New York metropolitan area office buildings will decline by 58 percent from its late 2007 peak. It is already down 40 percent.

city has become stuck with more available office space than any other central business district in the nation except Chicago, Washington and Boston

In New York Commercial Real Estate, News Is Bad (or Worse) -