Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Boone County considering food fees for non-profits (again)


Last time—members of the County Board left the meeting and voted “abstain” so as to defeat the increase.  What are the chances for the proposal this time?



The Rhubarb

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URGENT NEWS ALERT! If you are a member of a not-for-profit, the Boone County Health Department is at it again wanting to charge you fees. It has not even been a year (September 2016) since their last request. The Rhubarb will be posting articles published last year in the Belvidere Daily Republican on the issue. The Rhubarb wonders if Mr. Hatfield has a another insightful suggestion other than food items? Last September he suggested, "They could sell Popsicle sticks." Below is the explanation Mr. Hatfield provided last September to the Rockford Register Star and republished in the Belvidere Daily Republican. You will also find a post from Boone County Board Member Cathy Ward included in this news alert.

It should also be noted that at yesterday's Boone County Board of Health meeting it was announced that Administrator Cynthia Frank is retiring as of September 1 and Bill Hatfield will be retiring as of December 31, 2016 as he also is retiring.

Two Boone County Board of Health members are running for Boone County Board in November. Dr. Bernard O'Malley Dist. 2 and Marshall Newhouse Dist. 1. Yesterday the health board voted in favor of the fees. Dr. O'Malley voted against the request while Marshall Newhouse voted in favor. Information provided by Bill Pysson who attended the meeting.

"In an article published Sept. 13 in the Rockford Register Star and written by Staff Writer Ben Stanley, BCHD Director of Environmental Services Bill Hatfield provided the following explanation as to the need of the fees for NFP’s.

'One of the things that’s getting overlooked here is this is a user fee,” Hatfield said.

'A not-for-profit is choosing to drive down the food highway, and there’s rules, and inspections. They could choose to drive down a road that is not food. They could sell sports equipment. They could sell Popsicle sticks.

They could do whatever kind of fundraiser they want and not even have to worry about a food permit. But they’re choosing to do food, and the general public needs to have assurance that the food that’s being offered meets the public health code … and there are expenses involved.

Hatfield said the cost of health inspections has risen over the past 40 years as health codes expanded and more stringent rules were put in place.

Posted yesterday on FB by Boone County Board Member Cathy Ward.

"BOONE NOT-FOR-PROFIT -- Red ALERT again. The Boone County Health Board today voted 8-1 to start charging ALL not-for-profit groups food permit fees. This was turned down by the county board a couple months ago, but they won't take no for an answer. Makes no sense to me. These groups are the lifeblood of our county. Board claims they need the money. I claim they need the not-for-profit groups to be healthy far more. Every penny the Health board takes makes it harder for not-for-profit groups to do good in this county. This will come back to the full county board in a few weeks for a final vote. So frustrating. I think they want to slip this in quick."

No agenda posted as of yet on June 28, 2016.
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Health & Human Services Committee
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Thu, 07/07/2016 - 6:00pm

Agenda will posted at:  http://www.boonecountyil.org/upcoming-meetings