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Christmas Wish : powered by Fox 40 WDBD, Jackson, Miss.

Keys 2 Heaven ad/story in the state of Mississippi.

My name is Rachel Goldman, I am a member of a website called Wish Upon a Hero. Wish Upon a hero is a social networking site that enables everyday people to lend a helping hand to others in need. You can check it out at
The youth director of a church in Belvidere, IL called Keys 2 heaven Ministries, joined Wish Upon a Hero and posted a wish. Dawn Shondel invited 50 (yes fifty) families to apply for Christmas Gifts to give their kids. Ms. Shondel also posted on other social giving sites asking people to donate to this cause. December 21st, Ms Shondel posted on Wish Upon a Hero that the church would NOT be honoring their committment to those families. Only 4 days until christmas, can you imagine the hurt and pain these families are dealing with? Can you picture all the children that will be waking up on Christmas morning full of hope only to be met with disappoinment and tears. These people can not be allowed to get away with this! This can be verified by doing a member search on Ms. Shondel used the member name kimmyis4 ( by going to the Keys 2 Heaven website ( ) or just by Googling Keys 2 Heaven.
The families affected by this live in defferent places across the United States. One of the Families lives right here in Laurel, MS. Jennifer Henderson has 2 boys and 2 girls all under the age of six, She doesn't have a telephone but would be willing to speak to you. You can Call Dana Malone at Address is 655 Township Road Laurel, Mississippi  39443

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Keys 2 Heaven Ministries


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Christmas disappointment: Belvidere ministry's plan backfires - – Rockford’s News Leader

See also the story which follows from Lancaster, PA.

Boehman was one of the 50 families Keys 2 Heaven chose to help this Christmas.

"That meant everything to me," she says.

Seymour says he and his wife spent $600 on presents, but when it came time to ship them, the cost was much higher than expected--another $500-600. Seymour says he simply couldn't afford that, so their plan had to be scrapped.

"I just never expected what happened to happen," Boehman says. "It's just really disheartening. So many families are going to go without."

Boehman and others were counting on Keys 2 Heaven to make their Christmas. Now their hopes are squashed.

The ministry has received threatening emails and hateful website posts. Seymour says that's ruined his Christmas spirit too.

"We did this from the kindness of our heart. No one sent in money to us, and then we gave them gifts. No one gave us anything."

Seymour says he since he couldn't ship the gifts, he donated them to His Glory Mission in Belvidere.

Christmas disappointment: Belvidere ministry's plan backfires - – Rockford’s News Leader

Ill. ministry denies duping local family - News

Interesting story from Pennsylvania concerning a Belvidere minister and a would-be recipient complaining.

A Lancaster Township family with two special-needs adult children believes they were duped by owners of an Illinois ministry that was set to help them. But the ministry says it was just a set of unfortunate circumstances.

Videl Seymour, who owns Keys 2 Heaven Ministry in Belvidere, Ill., with his wife, Dawn Shondel, said in a telephone interview Monday that their plan to help give kids across the country Christmas gifts backfired.

"We got over 800 to 1,000 responses on our personal website," Seymour said, plus a number of responses from Wish Upon a Hero
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went to UPS to weigh them. We thought they'd give us a discount," Seymour said. "But with the average weight with three to four gifts for each family, the lowest price would be $13. So it would cost $500 to $600 to ship them off. At the time, me and my wife only had $200 to ship. If I would have had $500 to $600, I would have spent it (on the shipping), but I didn't have it."

So they went to Wish Upon a Hero, asking for help with shipping.

"We got no response," he said, so they went back to the chain store to return the gifts so they could purchase gift cards, which would cost less in shipping.

But the chain store's return policy would not allow them to return the gifts, Seymour said.

"We had no alternative," Seymour said. Instead of shipping to those who had been promised the gifts across the country, "we gave them to a local ministry, His Glory Mission. We feel bad not to be able to follow through with the shipping, but our hands were tied."

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Straw Hat Pizza coming to Belvidere? Well maybe.