Thursday, July 28, 2011

What institutional zoning of St. James (Belvidere) could mean?

St. James, its school and church, are grandfathered institutions within a residential zoned area. Based upon that current zoning the school and church buildings can be altered or expanded however should the property be sold the zoning would not necessarily follow to the new owner.  However if “institutional zoning” is granted the zoning would actually go with the building.  The city would have no control over what type of institution is set up.

So what is the big deal.  Let us go back four years to the big zoning question of that year—Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission and St. Joseph Hospital.  Because St. Joseph had only grandfathered zoning the city has a say.  Here is the story just as a reminder.

The proposal prompted four months of boisterous debate within the Boone County community, which ended this month when the Belvidere City Council rejected the group’s plan to convert the property into a monastery and convent. The discussion reopened questions about the secretive organization, which some say has torn families apart. ….

The council rejected the plan, however, because it would create too much activity in the residential neighborhood. The hospital had been there before the current zoning, but the proposed new use meant the group needed to get permission to operate in a residential neighborhood, he said.

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