Saturday, October 1, 2011

Officials look to expand county jail into N. Locust Street

Boone County jail currently receives large reimbursements for housing DeKalb prisoners.  It looks like the Boone County Board needs to make sure that their FY 2013 budget (that the budget to be approve in November 2012) considers this large lost of cash.  I certainly hope that the county still has some reserves for then.




When the jail was built in 1980, Kimme said, it was designed to hold 64 beds. By 1990, it had 89 beds. The average number of inmates during 2010 was 131, with the peak number at 141.

The hope is to expand the jail in a two-phase process, expanding to 200 beds initially, but expanding further down the line.

The county [DeKalb County] has proposed paying for a larger jail through the expansion of the DeKalb County Landfill. If that occurs – and it could not happen until appeals against the landfill expansion have been heard and permits are granted by the state – the landfill would take trash from other counties and charge a tipping fee. That fee would be used to expand the jail.

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