Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Genoa to consider cutting fees | Daily Chronicle

Genoa Park District and School District consider lowering impact fees to jump start new construction 

the park board is willing to reduce its fees by 50 percent through the end of 2010

Our need for EAV outweighs our need for impact fees," Wakeley said. "The temporary loss of impact fees is not as great because it's not a housing boom that will require buying land and building new schools."

Lots in the Oak Creek Estates subdivision are selling for half the price they were two years ago, Hoffman said, and he estimated building costs are down 25 percent. He's hoping the reduction in impact fees might be the nudge someone considering building a new home needs to build it sooner rather than later. When the agreement expires at the end of next year, hopefully building will have resumed a more normal pace, he said.

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