Monday, February 1, 2010

Red ink, but with a dash of hope - -AMCORE Bank

4th Quarter Earnings:  note of concern in the report: Reducing AMCORE’s assets will take the company only so far, and raising capital remains critical. “Failure to do so during 2010 may impact the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

Red ink, but with a dash of hope - -

FOIA: Breakthrough on government information

To test the government's compliance with the new laws, which took effect Jan. 1, The Courier-News sent dozens of FOIA requests to towns, school districts and counties, asking for information on where our money is being spent.

starting on Jan. 4 -- the first business day of the new year -- The Courier-News requested the same information from more than 100 local towns, counties and school districts across the Fox Valley. We asked for a list of vendors who received payment in 2008 and the amount those vendors were paid.

We requested that for two reasons: One, it is information we will use for future stories…Second, these documents go the very heart of what we need to know about our government

not one of 23 government bodies surveyed failed to supply the information in the mandated five business days.

Carpentersville School District gives a glimpse [of the possible future]. Each FOIA request and response since September 2007 is scanned and posted on its Web site.

FOIA: Breakthrough on government information :: The Courier News :: Local News

Concerns exist over potential rejected primary ballots

Under a 2007 state election law being enforced for the first time, voting machines will reject ballots if someone fails to vote in one or more races for statewide office. Voters must then explain to an election judge whether they meant to leave part of their ballot blank before it's approved.

Illinois is the only state that requires undervote alerts….

It isn't clear just what McHenry County's decision to ignore the law means, University of Illinois adjunct law professor Deanna Mool said, but it's possible it could create questions about the outcome of tight races….Champaign County judge denied his[Champaign County Clerk’s] request for an injunction ahead of Tuesday's election.

Concerns exist over potential rejected primary ballots | Daily Chronicle

Aldermen vote 8-5 against video gambling ban

Outnumbered, [Rockford] aldermen Beach, Curran, Venita Hervey (D-5), Linda McNeely (D-13) and Joe Sosnowski (R-1) voted to uphold the proposed ban.

Asked for a reaction to the lack of support for the video gambling ban on the Rockford City Council,…Bedell reported the addiction rate related to video gambling is 20 percent.

Click on the following for more details:  Aldermen vote 8-5 against video gambling ban | The Rock River Times

Illinois’s Daddy Problem -

Every single person running in the Illinois primaries seems to be an outsider. The state comptroller is an outsider. The former Republican party chairman is an outsider. If Rod Blagojevich were allowed to run for things anymore, he’d be in this as an outsider.

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The Mackovich Case and Jim Hursh

On Saturday I posted [] information regarding this post card Boone County voters received regarding Jim Hursh and a murder case which was plea bargained in 2008.

Hursh vote no 2 

  I have been unable to obtain the Register Star ‘s story of which the anti-Hursh post card spoke however this length story by the Boone County Journal of August 29, 2008 was obtained.  Perhaps this can provide some clarification regarding this complicated case.

Click on the photocopies to enlarge:

Machovich 1 & 3

Machovich 2


Machovich 1 & 3

Machovich 4 & 6

Machovich 4 & 6