Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cal Voters firmly oppose measure to legalize marijuana, 51%-39%

Los Angeles Times | Oct. 22, 2010 | 5 a.m.

A Times/USC poll finds Democrats and independents favor Prop. 19, but Republicans are overwhelmingly against it. Men are split, and women are leaning against

Likely voters younger than 40 are in favor of it by 48% to 37%, but older voters, who say they are more enthusiastic about voting in this election, are not.

The poll found Proposition 19 leading only in the Central Coast counties and running far behind in the largely conservative Central Valley and in Southern California.

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Foreclosures in Chicagoland

New Full Interchange at Huntley/I-90

Construction for the interchange still isn't scheduled to begin until 2012.  Planners had originally hoped for a late 2011 start but as FEN reported a year ago that's no longer in the cards.

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McHenry County Jail will be Navy Brig for $85 a day

Major bust in Tijuana nets 115 tons of marijuana

processed pot, about 230,000 pounds of it, could fetch about half a billion dollars on the street in the United States, according to one criminology source.

packages had been accumulating over a period of time at different locations, but “they couldn’t be retrieved (for smuggling) due to the vigilance of authorities

the marijuana will be publicly incinerated later this week.


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Major bust in Tijuana nets 115 tons of marijuana -

Boone County budget to be presented for public opinion


"This is a major success story – it may not be perfect, but it is good…” Chairman Walberg

Board Member Pat Mattison remarked that the draft budget includes an increase in the General Fund from an estimated fiscal year 2010 amount of about $12.9 million, to a fiscal year 2011 budget amount of $13.3 million, and said this amounts to a 3 percent spending increase, not a cut.

Later, toward the end of the meeting, Johnson asked for a few minutes to make a comment to the board. In his remarks, Johnson acknowledged that the board is a body with "differing opinions," and that it is a good thing. However, Johnson went on to say that when certain members "take shots" at other board members "under the guise of keeping residents informed, I personally take offense."

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