Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Republican Opinion Poll from Boone County Fail


Results of Republican Club Opinion Poll, at Boone County Fair

From 204 Boone County Respondents

1. Should the Boone County Board use funds collected from the Public Safety Sales

Tax for anything other than paying off the bonds for building the jail?

YES - 47 NO - 145

2. Do you support building Wind Farms in Boone County? YES - 147 NO - 50

3. Would you support any toll increases by the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority

to rebuild a third lane to the I-90 Interstate between Belvidere and Elgin?

YES - 65 NO - 138

4. Should Casinos be allowed in the Boone/Rockford area? YES - 119 NO - 81

5. Do you support concealed carry of weapons in the State of Illinois?

YES - 136 NO - 65

6. Would you use Express Bus Service from Belvidere Oasis to (indicate all that


A. Big Timber Station in Elgin - 35

B. Schaumburg (Woodfield Mall) - 72

C. Cumberland Avenue/Pace & Blue Line Connections - 33

D. O'Hare Airport - 119

E. None of the above - 65

7. Where should Rockford Mass Transit bus route stop in Belvidere?

A. The Keen Age Center (BCCA) - 64

B. Belvidere City Hall - 63

C. Wal-Mart - 72

D. Other - Courthouse, Belvidere Township, K-Mart, Sullivans, Pacemaker,

McDonalds, Shadley Apt., Community Building, Poplar Grove (1 vote each)

8. How should local governments fund rising costs, salaries, benefits, etc.?

A. Increase Sales Tax - 50

B. Increase Property Tax - 9

C. Increase Utility Tax - 10

D. Cut Services - 118

E. Borrow Money - 7

Other Comments: Grow Tax Base; Cut Expenses; Balance Budget; Decrease

Salaries; Support Wind Farms; Cut Benefits.

SHOPPER AD to run Thursday, October 13, 2011

Important Notice to Belvidere Township Voters!!!!

Tuesday October 18, Exercise Your Right to Vote

Please attend Special Electors Belvidere Township Meeting, on Tuesday October 18, at the Belvidere Community Building at 6 p.m.

Vote NO!

For the purchase and renovation of the Eagle's Club

Vote NO!


Belvidere Township should not spend taxpayer money to be in the Landlord business for other organizations--especially in the current economy with increasing homeless, unemployed, and hungry families seeking help and aid. They should not spend money renovating buildings, getting into the business of leasing and managing real estate--that is not a Township Government function.

Belvidere Township should concentrate on providing General Assistance to individuals and families in this time of their need--helping our Boone County citizens survive in hard times.

It is a misuse of taxpayer's money, especially in these times where Senior Citizens are struggling along with the 13 to 15 percent unemployed in Boone County, and the many businesses (Real Estate, Home Builders, closed retail outlets, Auto Dealerships, et al) are truly hurting.

For Belvidere Township to purchase and renovate the Eagles Club in downtown Belvidere is misguided thinking and should be rejected by Belvidere Township Voters!

Vote NO! Tuesday October 18, at the Belvidere Community Building!

Paid for by Patrick B. Mattison, 7982 Distillery Road, Belvidere, Illinois 61008

Gaming revenues down as Quinn continues to mull expansion

By Jamey Dunn


The Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability released a report that says total gaming revenues for the state in 2011 reached their lowest level since 2001. The state's take of riverboat, horse racing and lottery revenues for last fiscal year was about $1 billion.
Revenue for riverboat gambling decreased by almost 6 percent from Fiscal Year 2010 and made up almost 34 percent of total gaming revenues. Four years ago, riverboats contributed about 52 percent of gaming revenues. The report said revenues from riverboats are at the lowest since FY 1999.
The report pointed to the economic downturn and increased competition from neighboring states as possible causes for the drop. However, the numbers continue to suggest that the biggest contributor to the drop in Illinois casino revenues is the indoor smoking ban. “Since the indoor smoking ban began in January 2008, adjusted gross receipts for Illinois riverboats have fallen a combined 30.7 percent from pre-smoking-ban levels,” the report stated.

Read the rest of the story by clicking on the following:  http://illinoisissuesblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/gaming-revenues-down-as-quinn-continues.html

Boone County Journal: Crime Stoppers Part II

Part I is available at:  http://boonecountywatchdog.blogspot.com/2011/06/crime-stoppers-repairs-charitable-trust.html









Letter to Editor of RR Star: Belvidere has become a divided city

The following appears on the Opinion Page of today’s Rockford Register Star.


Should the people of Belvidere be concerned about our school system?
I think we should. Having two high schools has not only affected our extracurricular program but has divided our city. What a shame.
Remember Buc Pride? Belvidere was proud of its school and its activities. Now we have small numbers taking part in sports and music.
Will the variety of classes as well as advanced placement classes also be adversely affected?
To go to a football game and see 25 players on the varsity team and 50-60 musicians at halftime makes you wonder:
How does that affect the players competing against larger teams?
How does that affect students who would qualify for scholarships but have less exposure because the team didn’t get past the regular season?
How does that affect attendance and the income from activities?
How much more is it costing the taxpayers?
It seems there could have been a better way of solving the crowding problem at the school. Now that we’re in this situation, how about the leaders coming up with a solution that would better fit our community for all concerned

— Lois McKenna, Belvidere