Thursday, January 20, 2011

Boone County Board Member Complains of being denied timely access to claims and accounting information

The following email was sent to County Administrator, Ken Terrinoni, by Pat Mattison, County Board District #3.  I provided the yellow highlighting.


Sent: 1/20/2011 11:20:11 A.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: County Board Information


To:  Ken Terrinoni

Re:  County Board Information

From:  Pat Mattison, County Board District 3


The way your Administration Department is providing information to me as County Board member is unacceptable

**At last night's Board Meeting (1/20/11) I was not provided with minutes of the previous meeting.  Providing minutes at the meeting does not provide proper notice or time to review the minutes and provide reasonable input, nor does receiving it the day of the Board meeting.

**Also, at the 1/20/11) Board Meeting I was not provided the Claims.  Providing Claims at the meeting and allowing 15 minutes for review is not the way to keep Board members informed to provide constructive oversight of Claims.  It is also unacceptable operations by you or your staff.

**Since November of 2010 you have not provided me monthly copies of  5 Taxes and the

Revenues (Specifically:  Public Safety Sales Tax (CTPS); Boone County Sales Tax 1/4 cent (CST); Boone County Sales Tax 1 cent (CT); STATE INCOME TAX FISCAL YEAR 2011 Actual Revenues; Boone County Personal Property Replacement Tax (PPRT); Boone County Detainee Revenue).

I verbally  asked for these reports at the December meeting.  Has there been a directive to you to not provide me with this information?

I have pertinent questions relative to all the taxes mentioned--the dates we receive them; the months they apply to; how many are receivables; and the number of months we are behind in receiving payments for each fund.  This kind of operation is critical for cash flow planning and should be available to all the Board members so they can make more informed decisions on cash flow/cash management.

We also should have a report from you as to the current Balance of our Reserves in all the funds we are operating from on a monthly basis.

If the County Board is to provide proper oversight of Finances we need this information on a timely basis in this critical time. 

In negotiations with unions, we need this information as well as what increases that are potentially proposed are, i.e:  Step Raises for each year; Percentage  Raises for each year, and what the cumulative total is for each additional year.

This information would help everyone understand our Financial condition.

Please make this memo of record and give me a written response.

Patrick B. Mattison

Boone County Board Member District 3