Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More questions than answers at St. James meeting


The controversy surrounding the construction plans of a new church building continued last week when a “St. James informational meeting” regarding the rezoning and building of the church and was held at the Boone County Community Building Complex.

Parishioners and other interested parties began filling the stands early in the artfully refurbished auditorium/gymnasium on West 1st Street. Ten panelists sat at long tables facing the stands, their first names printed in bold caps on colorful place cards in front of each person. It lent a friendly touch to a highly charged atmosphere in the huge room. …..

Much was speculated upon; some issues were explained, and some were left up in the air. Most were in agreement that another meeting should be scheduled, hopefully with Father Geary present to address the many unanswered questions.

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Access takes another hit


Quinn was at it again last Friday, when he signed into law House Bill 1716. The law further erodes the state’s Freedom of Information Act – something Quinn and the state Legislature have been doing since FOIA reform went into effect Jan. 1, 2010.

Some of HB 1716’s lowlights:

• It eliminates the requirement that public bodies ask for permission from the Public Access Counselor’s Office of the state Attorney General before denying records requests based on exemptions for personal privacy and preliminary drafts of documents.

• It allows governments to take up to 21 days to respond to FOIA requests by “recurrent” requesters – people who file more than 50 FOIA requests in a year, more than 15 requests in a month or more than seven in a week.

• It allows government entities to charge for the actual costs of retrieving information stored off-site.

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St. James Capital Campaign demands “allegiance”



The following letter was sent home Friday with children from the St. James pre-school (3 year old and older).  My latest understanding is that the same message will be sent out to parents of regular school children at St. James.  Will children attending CCD classes (Wednesday, Thursday evenings and Sunday morning) also be required to give their parents such a letter?  No, CCD starts after Labor Day.

I have a problem equating Catholic faith with supporting a zoning request. Oppose a city zoning request and oppose God?



campaign committee

Mr. Rod Snyder and Mrs. Cathy Vendemia are co-chairpersons of the Campaign Leadership Committee.  Father Geary is on vacation the weeks of August 22 thru September 5, 2011.