Friday, September 2, 2016

Food Permit Fee for Non-Profits–dead for now


Cathy Ward


FEE REQUEST for food permits for not-for-profit groups FROM BOONE COUNTY HEALTH BOARD POSTPONED - Last night, the Boone County Health committee, by a vote of 4-1, postponed indefinitely the Boone County Health leaders and Boone County Health Board request to add fees to not-for-profit groups for food permits. Health Committee chair Jeff Carlisle outlined in great detail his plan to carefully analyze all the expenses of the department and possible restructuring. I made a moti...on to table or postpone any vote on not-for-profit fees, seconded by Ray Larson. Carlisle had also recommended that the fee request be delayed. Those of us voting to postpone were Carlisle, Larson, Sherry Branson and me. Sherry Giesecke cast the only no vote. Giesecke had voted in favor of adding the fees last fall. At the Health Board meeting, county board candidate Marshall Newhouse (in the November election) voted in favor of the fees, along with Sherry Branson, a current county board member. Health Board member Dr. Bernie O'Malley, a candidate for the county board in the November election, cast a no vote. Other Health Board members, with the exception of Barb Thrun, all supported the fees. Big thank you to Toria Funderburg and Greg Kelm for their outstanding guest editorials and their consistent attendance at meetings to ask the tough questions. While this is not a final decision, it can come up again by any county board member, it's a strong vote to help our not-for-profit groups, the life-blood of our county.

Cathy Ward—via FACEBOOK