Friday, November 7, 2008

PSB--Bob's take on the vote.

I was surprised that the PSB Sales Tax was voted down by such a big margin. A considerable effort was made to explain to voters what items would not be covered and it would end after 20 years or sooner if the County Board voted to discontinue it. Certainly the economy is lousy and spending by governments at all levels (federal, state, county, city, schools etc). This leaves voter afraid on any tax increases. What purchased items would or would not be taxed was not consistently reported by newspapers etc. When they are not sure of all the facts, most people will vote no. The job market is very tight and little overtime is being paid so net wages are lower so tax increases are a burden most families cannot afford.
Bob Giovanoni

PSB: TG is not scared to talk, how about someone else?

TG said...

I can say that there were quite a few factors.
1. The economy stinks. If you're worried about keeping your job do you really want to pay a higher tax on something?
2. The community is burned out on referendums asking for more taxes.
3. Is there really a need Hard to say whether this was a need or want. Lots of space is open and will continue to open in the basement of the courthouse. Why not use that?