Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Should Local Government Follow the White House?


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If President Obama froze the salaries of all White House employees making over $100,000, do you think our local governments and school districts should follow the lead of the President?

Pat Mattison wants the word out about how bad the revenue situation is at the county


Patrick Mattison, Republican, District 3, believes that the size of  the projected shortfall at the county is being underestimated.  The $300,000 deficit is more on the order of $800,000.  Here is his presentation based upon the county’s most recent figures:

Boone County
Boone County Sales Tax
Boone County Projected Tax Revenues FY 2009—per budget

Revenue Shortfall  Basis: January 2009, Collection Potential Annual Revenue Loss


1 cent unincorporated $  911,960.79 $  107,821.44
1/4 cent county wide $1,041,729.82  $    98,452.29
Sales Tax 1/2 cent $1,644,757.00  $    80,916.53
Boone County Personal Property Replacement Tax $  567.408.00 $    31986.86
State Income Tax   $1,887,848.00      $ 484,526.17
TOTALS                               $6,053,703.61         $803,703.29 

Going by collections reported for January , 2009, the County shortfall will be approximately $804,000 for the year.  The potential short for the year based on these figures is 13.28 %.  It could be worse if the economy worsens.

What are the Boone County Board's plans if this happens?

Pat M.


See the other posting from January 21 for the Rockford Register Star’s take on the deficit.

Boone County Looks at Deficit Spending

The “maybe” deficit is becoming real for the Boone County Board.  See this article from the Register Star:

Note the comments, I am Bill Blank.

What is the Economic Stimulus Package

The fight is on—everyone has an idea how to get things going again in this country.  How can we possibly keep up. One source that is keeping track of the raw proposals is:

When you get a chance take a look.  For history buffs we may be doing an reenactment/update of FDR’s First Hundred Days.  It will be difficult to hear, see or know what is being proposed, passed and really implemented.  Good Luck.