Monday, October 10, 2011

Mr. Reid questions purchase of Eagle’s Building




Belvidere Township Meeting – Tues. Oct 18, 2011 @ 6PM

Belvidere Community Building

  • Registered Belvidere Township Voters will be asked to vote YES/NO on the Township purchase of real property known as the Eagle’s Social Club Building.
  • The initial cost of the building purchase is beyond the current tax assessment.
  • The building has been sold for back taxes with the right of redemption by its owner close at hand.
  • The Township Chairman brought to the Township Board this purchase for the purpose of expanding the YMCA youth programs in Belvidere.
  • The public questions have caused the Township to have one open meeting followed by another with an architectural firm to review the cost of upgrading the building to minimum requirements for its intended use as a youth center for the YMCA.
  • The 3rd. public meeting 10/18/11 is being held to honor the public’s desire for full disclosure in making this purchase and the funding of the necessary improvements required of this property for its intended use.
  • The YMCA’s Nautialius equipment currently provides a source of income for them but leaves little room for youth programming activities.
  • The Eagle’s Building is proposed to be a site for additional youth activities.
  • The YCMA recently expensed money to purchase and tear down an apartment building on the east side of its parking lot.
  • There remains one apartment building with an auto repair shop attached between the YMCA owned property and the Eagle’s Building.


· What are the social and programming needs of Belvidere Township Youth as determined by any studies?

· Will the benefits of this process accrue to all youth of the community or only those who access it through membership in the YMCA? [please note these funds are Belvidere Township funds]

· Whose responsibility is it to identify and physically and financially provide for these needs?

· Are there any written leases or intent to lease this property by any organization?

· What would be the availability and lease expense for users of this property?

· Will uses of this property exclude persons NOT residing of Belvidere Township?

· Will this facility, supported by Belvidere Township Taxpayers, be in competition with any private organizations in Boone County?

· Will the lease rent for this property be of fair market value to this tenant?

· A question was raised at the last public meeting about the lack of public parking at or around this property. There is very limited parking on the Eagle’s site.

· Parking does exist within walking distance but would require the cooperation of both pubic and private facilities near the property.

· Both the Salvation Army and Belvidere Police Department are working to promote and bring about additional youth programs in Belvidere at this time but neither have asked for assistance from Belvidere Township.

· Youth programming is also available through many of the churches in the Belvidere Community.


  • The Township Chairman stated Belvidere Township is not receiving much return on their investments which makes this purchase seem like a better investment than a CD. If investment returns increased would this statement continue to be valid?
  • The architect had a Phase I environmental study completed. Removing asbestos would cost from $40,000-$60,000.
  • The architect stated it would take another $97,000 for the Township to “feel good” about the building.
  • These “feel good” items seem to include heating, air conditioning, floor coverings, roofing concerns and some windows.
  • No mention was made about changing the outward appearance of the building.
  • Handicap accessibility will not be an issue unless the intended use of the building is changed or structural improvements take place.
  • The Township is sitting on a substantial cash balance in its accounts.
  • Would the purchase renovation and marketing of this property make economic and business sense going forward?
  • Is it reasonable to EXPAND government into an area that may subsidize a private organization who charges its members a fee for facility use?
  • If intentions of honorable desire result in the Township owning an unusable building one must ask how poor was our return on this investment?
  • Have you ever seen a government project that did not grow and cost over time?
  • Once on the tax rolls this project may never leave or diminish.

Please make every effort to make this meeting to cast your vote in favor or against the acquisition and renovation of the Eagle’s Building in Belvidere.

Thank you for accepting these points and please attend and vote.

Les Reid 815-226-1444xt 208 days and 815-332-5995 eves for questions and comments

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