Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mural Mile’s most recent Financials

The following information is taken  from the Illinois Attorney General’s data base:






Belvidere council learns Mural Mile group will dissolve

Local non-profit dissolving.  See its most recent financials above.

BELVIDERE – The Belvidere City Council learned last Monday of the dissolution of the Mural Mile group, a non-profit organization involved in reviving the downtown corridor, supporting the city’s mural project, and producing the community’s Heritage Day festival.

…“The small core of volunteers doesn’t feel they can do justice to the charges laid before them,” Heimbach added, saying the decision was reached with much “thought, trepidation, and anxiety.”

Alderman Clint Morris, who has previously raised the issue of the balance of funds for the organization, ….. Some recent statements discussed at council indicated a total balance of just under $20,000.

Heimbach reported that “some things got overlooked” regarding the financials for the group and they have retained an accountant to review, verify and complete the paperwork that is needed in order to dissolve the organization.

Morris said he was bothered by the apparent oversight of taxpayer money and asked if there will be resolution to the issue before the start of the new fiscal year, which begins May 1.

any balances left over need to be transferred to a “like organization,” and so can’t be used at the discretion of the council.

Heimbach said she expects it to take two months to get all the paperwork completed and filed, and possibly another two months to dissolve and transfer any fund balances.

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WTO rules US aid to Boeing is illegal - Yahoo! Finance

Boeing received illegal subsidies such as grants and free use of technology, from NASA, the Department of Defense, and the states of Illinois, Kansas and Washington.

$2.6 billion in NASA aid, $112 million from the Defense Department and $16 million in tax breaks from Washington state and the city of Everett, Wash., violated international trade rule

Boeing acknowledged it got $2.6 billion of illegal U.S. funding, but said that pales in comparison to $20 billion of "illegal Airbus subsidies."

e release of the ruling Thursday is the latest development in a six-year contest and will likely next go to a WTO appeals panel.

WTO rules US aid to Boeing is illegal - Yahoo! Finance

Group seeks racial profiling investigation

lllinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights has written the U.S. Department of Justice's civil division, seeking an investigation of the [McHenry County] Sheriff's Office that also would look into allegations of racial profiling and incorrectly listing Latinos as white on tickets.

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