Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rock Valley College offers free financial aid for college students.

RVC Financial Aid Guidance Free to District Residents

Contact: Nancy Chamberlain, 815-921-4517

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Rock Valley College Financial Aid Department would like to remind the community that it is a free resource for all college bound students in the district, whether or not the student attends RVC. The Financial Aid Department at RVC can assist students in completing the FAFSA form, provide information on how to apply for scholarships, and talk to students and organizations about financial aid in general. Many outside companies charge for this type of service.

Please call the Rock Valley College Financial Aid office at 815-921-4150 before paying any agency for these services.

Caterpillar layoffs": Caterpillar to lay off another 2,454 workers -- chicagotribune.com

Caterpillar Inc., gearing down production even further in response to still-eroding global demand, disclosed plans Tuesday to idle an additional 2,454 U.S. workers, including 1,726 in Illinois

Caterpillar layoffs": Caterpillar to lay off another 2,454 workers -- chicagotribune.com

March Update: Beginning FY 2009 Income for Boone County Government Down 10.75%

This is a continuation of a monthly analysis of Boone County’s non-real estate tax revenue flows.  Although there are a few other minor revenues, the major revenue is from five sources:  Public Safety Sales Tax (CPTS), Sales Tax 1/4 (CST), Sales Tax 1 cent (CT), Personal Property Replacement Tax (PPRT) and State Income Tax.  All the raw numbers are those supplied by the County Administrator,  Mr. Terrinoni, to the County Finance Committee.  Click on the individual photocopies to make them larger. 

To view previous months analysis go to : http://boonecountywatchdog.blogspot.com/2009/02/february-update-income-to-boone-county.html for February and http://boonecountywatchdog.blogspot.com/2009/01/income-reports-from-county-government.html for January 2009.

There is a continued downward trend, all five revenue streams are now short of projections. The shortages range from 8.3% to 26.92%;  for those four revenues which occur monthly the range is 8.3 to 10.66%.  Revenues from the five sources are down 10.75% from projections.  Total  revenue from these five sources is increasingly downward—January   -4.27%, February –7.6% and now for March - 10.75%.

The accumulated shortage is now $198,942.  The original budget indicated that if there was a recession, a $300,000 deficit to the original budget was probable.  Back in January[click on the citation that follows to read the entire story http://www.rrstar.com/boone/x1621254117/Boone-officials-expect-budget-shortfall], Finance Committee Chairman Karl Johnson was paraphrased by the Rockford Star as saying :  holding off on spending might not be enough to make up for a shortfall, but officials want to monitor income and the effect of reduced spending through at least April before making any major moves.  I contacted the County’s Assistant Administrator and apparently department discussions concerning  budget revisions are going to begin in May 2009.  So that January statement appears to be still in effect.





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MAR Income 3A MAR Income 3

MAT Income 5