Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Census could give 3 communities home rule


Belvidere was at 20,820 in 2000. Loves Park had a special census in 2005 that put the city at 22,476, and a year later a special census in Machesney Park found 22,704 living within its borders.

Belvidere Mayor Fred Brereton said there’s a good chance Belvidere has passed the 25,000 mark.
“There was a lot of growth from 2000 to 2008. We would be surprised if we didn’t reach it,” he said. “It won’t make a huge transition as far as how business is conducted. ... It just happens.”

Census could give 3 communities home rule - Rockford, IL - Rockford Register Star

Boone County Revenues fall lower—will there be any adjustments in expenditures?

In November the county board passed the present budget by one vote.  That budget minimized lay-offs and allowed for wage increases of 3-6% to most employees.  It appears that revenue will not meet projections and a large deficit will now occur unless something is done.

Take a look at the recently released revenue charts and compare them with last year’s.  Total shortfall for the five funds for the first two months is $43,888.57  or 5.3% of anticipated $827,491 revenues.  Should these revenue shortfalls continue at the same rate,  the annual shortfall would be six-fold or $263,331.

Last year [FY 2009] the revenue projections were considerably higher.  A shortfall of approximately $45,000 had occurred at this point in  2009.  FY2010 projections are very low compared to 2009 yet the 2010 shortfalls continue at the 2009 rate. 

Will the Boone County Board do anything to keep its budget within bounds?  Last year I repeatedly heard that a 5% budget imbalance was sufficient to reopen the budget.  The 2010 revenue shortfall for these five funds  currently exceed  5%.  The 2010 budget anticipates a total revenue to the General Fund from all sources of $13,382,101.  The $263,331 shortfall is  2% of the General Fund Revenue.  Are there additional shortfalls? Are there expenditures not budgeted?


Click on the photocopy to enlarge:

Page 1county fed income 1 

2010 Shortfall $1,412.51  which is 1.1 % of projected 2 month income from this source.

MAR income 2county feb rev 2

2010 Shortfall $6,923.61 which is 5.1 % of 2 month revenue from this source.

MAR income 1county feb rev 3

2010 shortfall is $14, 822.37 which is 6.3% of the 2 month revenue  from this source.

MAT Income 5county rev feb 4

2010 shortfall is $ 20,286.46 which is 4.8% of the  2 month revenue from this source.

MAR Income 3county rev fed 5

2010 shortfall is  $414.61 which is .5% of the 2 month revenue from this source.