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Employment Opportunities | Boone County, Illinois


Courthouse Lead Maintenance

Date: January 15, 2015

Department: Sheriff

Location: Belvidere, Illinois

Pay: $17.94

Pay Type: Hourly

Employment Type: Full Time


This position enforces provides support to all maintenance related issues at the Boone County Courthouse. The County is seeking an individual who has a proven successful record of independent judgment and flexibility with working in a variety of environments. An ideal candidate will have a wide variety of experience in working in the maintenance field.


This candidate will be responsible for variety of tasks including work with pneumatic temperature control systems, low pressure hot water boilers, single and three phase electrical. Other tasks could include general electrical and plumbing maintenance. Other duties may be assigned. This is an on-call position. This position reports to the Sheriff’s Department.


This position requires knowledge in the fields of HVAC, electrical and plumbing fields. Valid driver’s license is required. Experience working in a related position is a plus.


This position requires physical demands. Job duties could require frequent standing, walking, and use of hands. Must have the ability to lift a minimum of 50 pounds. Occasionally, candidate may be required to lift and/or move up to 100 pounds.


Exposure to disagreeable elements such as heat and cold.


Candidates must possess a high school diploma or general education degree (GED). Experience with electrical, plumbing and/or HVAC work a plus. Certification in refrigeration desired.

This position is 40 hours per week with a starting wage of $17.94 per hour. This is a union position. Boone County offers an excellent benefits package including health, dental, retirement, and vacation.

Please submit completed application, resume and cover letter to:

Boone County Sheriff’s Department

Attn: Maintenance Position

615 North Main Street

Belvidere, IL 61008

Applications must be received by Friday, February 6, 2015.

Boone County is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).


The following are volunteer Boards of the County of Boone that have vacancies:


Three (3) vacancies for a term that will expire February 1, 2021


Two (2) vacancies for a term that will expire December 31, 2016


Two (2) vacancies for a term that will expire January, 2020

Interested parties are asked to send a letter and/or resume expressing your interest and qualifications to Boone County Board Chairman Bob Walberg, 1212 Logan Ave., Suite 102, Belvidere, IL 61008.  Please respond by January 2, 2015 to assure being considered.

Employment Opportunities | Boone County, Illinois

U.S. Senate's Hatch sees support for tax reform -


Though there are disagreements on the details, there is bipartisan support for tax reform in Congress," said Orrin Hatch, Republican chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, at a conference for tax lawyers, analysts and economists.

"Members of both parties have expressed their support for a tax overhaul. And, I believe there is real momentum to get something done on tax reform this year, if we remain committed. And, believe me, I’m committed," he said.

Hatch took over leadership of the committee this month when Republicans gained control of the Senate. He has divided the panel into five working groups. He said he expects to get recommendations from the groups "later this spring."

The groups are looking at the individual income tax, business income tax, savings and investment, international tax and community development and infrastructure.

The U.S. tax code has not been overhauled thoroughly in 28 years. In that time it has become riddled with loopholes. As a result, tax avoidance is a growing problem.

The loopholes, together with deep tax cuts some years ago, means the government does not raise enough revenue to pay its bills.

At the same time, tax experts also generally agree that the system is so complex and often contradictory that compliance costs are excessive and economic productivity is harmed.

The main obstacle to fixing the code is that special interest groups immediately leap to the defense of their particular loopholes whenever lawmakers start talking reform.

Finding a way to overcome the gridlock that results is a task that has defied Congress and the White House since 1986.

Hatch has laid out basic principles for reform. At the conference, he said he has the impression that Democratic President Barack Obama might be willing to do a deal on business tax reform alone, setting aside individual income tax issues.

"We need to lower corporate tax rates and transition toward a territorial tax system," Hatch said. A territorial system is one that would exempt all or most of the foreign profits of U.S. corporations from the corporate income tax.

"The Senate Finance Committee is already fully engaged in a very real tax reform effort ... My goal is to introduce such a bill and mark it up in the committee later this year," he said.

U.S. Senate's Hatch sees support for tax reform - Yahoo News

University of Illinois finalizes Solar Farm agreements


University of Illinois finalizes Solar Farm agreements

Jan 20, 2015

Construction to start this spring

CHAMPAIGN, IL (January 20, 2015) – Construction of a 5.87 megawatt (MW) Solar Farm on campus will begin in Spring 2015 after university and state officials approved power purchase and land lease agreements with Phoenix Solar South Farms, LLC.
Once installed, the Solar Farm will be one of the largest on-site university arrays in the country, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency statistics, producing 7.86 million kilowatt-hours per year, or approximately two percent of the electrical demand for the Urbana campus in fiscal year 2015.
Facilities & Services Executive Director Al Stratman said, “We are very pleased to see this long awaited agreement completed and signed, so the installation can begin. This unique and challenging project was only made possible through the dedication of many people working together and focused on achieving our renewable energy goals.”
In 2008, the chancellor signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, pledging to be carbon neutral by 2050. As a part of this commitment, specific goals for energy conservation and renewable energy were outlined in the 2010 Illinois Climate Action Plan. The Solar Farm will contribute toward the renewable energy used on campus for at least twenty years.
"The Solar Farm represents the success of numerous efforts, including those made by the many hard-working students committed to advancing renewable energy and environmental sustainability,” said Amy Liu, chair of the Student Sustainability Committee. “Its construction will be a historic project and a source of great pride for campus."
Established in California in 2010 as the U.S. subsidiary of Phoenix Solar AG, Phoenix Solar Inc. ( is a leader in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic power plants in North America. Phoenix Solar Inc. will be the contractor for the Solar Farm installation and operation.
Dr. Murray Cameron, CEO & President of Phoenix Solar Inc. said, “We are proud to support the university’s efforts to achieve their renewable energy goals and applaud Illinois for being a leader in sustainability amongst higher education institutions.”
The 20.8 acre solar farm, to be located along the south side of Windsor Road between First Street and the railroad tracks, was first approved by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees in November 2012.

University of Illinois finalizes Solar Farm agreements




A sad day for Chicago--


The New York Times

Friday, January 23, 2015 11:49 PM EST

Ernie Banks, the Eternally Hopeful Mr. Cub, Dies at 83

Ernie Banks, the greatest power-hitting shortstop of the 20th century and an unconquerable optimist whose sunny disposition never dimmed in 19 seasons with the perennially stumbling Chicago Cubs, died Friday. He was 83.

His death was announced on Major League Baseball’s website, which did not give a cause.

“It’s a beautiful day, let’s play two” became the mantra of the man known as Mr. Cub, a fixture in what he called the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. The most popular Cub ever in a franchise dating to the 1870s, Banks became as much an institution in Chicago as the first Mayor Daley, Studs Terkel, Michael Jordan and George Halas.


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Immigration Symposium ~ Immigration: Opportunity or Crisis?


Polish immigrant carrying steamer trunk

Sunday, February 28
10 am - 2:30 pm

Dr. Neil Foley and Dr. Matthew J. Garcia

Community Panel
Mr. Paul Logli, Mr. Pat Winn, Ms. Sara Dady and Ms. Amy Heilman

Immigration reform is a contentious topic in Washington and the nation. In conjunction with the Museum’s new exhibit on
immigration, this symposium examines current issues. How has immigration impacted U.S. and Rockford societies? What is
the role of immigrant groups within American society, and has it changed over time? What are the challenges to assimilation?
How do public perception and the realities of assimilation compare and contrast? What are the missed opportunities
created by anti-immigrant feeling, and, conversely, are there any advantages? What are the advantages and disadvantages to
the resident population in bringing immigrants into society? Dr. Neil Foley, The Robert H. and Nancy Dedman Chair in History at Southern Methodist University, and Dr. Matthew J. Garcia, Director, School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies at Arizona State University, will both give lectures on immigration history and its impact on American society. Then, a panel of local experts, including the director of the United Way of the Rock River Valley, a lay representative of the Diocese of Rockford, an immigration attorney, and the director of the refugee program at Rock Valley College, will react to the two lectures and offer insights into the state of immigration in our community.

This program is funded in large part by the generous bequest of Dr. Louis and Violet Rubin from the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois.

Online registration ends Wednesday, February 25.  You may call to make your reservation 815-397-9112.  Please make your registration early.  Seating is limited.

$5 per person

This program is part of the museum's Winter Lecture Series, sponsored by AARP.

Download The Winter Lecture Series Pamphlet
A pamphlet describing all the lectures in this series which runs through March is available.  You can download the pamphlet Winter_Lecture_Series_2015_Midway_Village_Museum.

If you have additional questions, please call 815-397-9112.

Event Registration « Midway Village Museum

Friday, January 23, 2015

RRStar Letter to Editor on Boone County’s Kennel Text Amendment


pubby mill letter to ed 1 of 2

pubby mill letter to ed 1 of 2

pubby mill letter to ed 2 of 2

Above is taken from Page A-11, Rockford Register Star, January 23, 2015.

Letter: Animal cruelty, abuse in local puppy mills - Opinion - Rockford Register Star - Rockford, IL


It has been brought to the Boone County Board’s attention that there is a need for additional requirements concerning a special-use permit when applying for a breeding/boarding kennel permit in Boone County. There have been two of these facilities discovered in Boone County that made the list of “101 Puppy Mills: A Sampling of Problem Puppy Mills in the United States” by the Humane Society of the United States. In case you are not aware, a tremendous amount of abuse is inflicted on the dogs in these types of facilities.

The intention and goal of these additional requirements are to ensure safer, more humane living conditions for these dogs. The current guidelines are vague and allow for mistreatment of the animals to occur.

Boone County Board Chairman Bob Walberg has chosen to form an ad hoc committee

to address these concerns. The objective of this committee is to get all of the appropriate input and

to represent all interests concerning this issue. This committee should consist of a fair and balanced group of people with varying views on animal welfare.

It was suggested by a member of a local animal advocacy organization to Mr. Walberg that this group consist of nine people: two veterinarians, two animal rescue group representatives, two licensed breeders, two citizens and an animal control officer. Mr. Walberg has chosen only seven people: a Boone County board member, a veterinarian, a former breeder, a breeder, a breeder/boarder, an employee of that breeder/boarder and an animal advocate.

It appears to me and many others that his choice of people for this committee is absolutely NOT fair and balanced. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Keep in mind that it is the breeders who inflict the abuse and neglect upon the dogs in these facilities. The whole purpose of these additional requirements is to PROTECT animals.

A committee that consists of one farmer and a group of breeders is a distinct conflict of interest.

And it hardly seems like the proper group to be writing these new requirements.

Also, these meetings are, by law, to be held in open meetings with the public welcome and encouraged to attend. The Boone County Board must also post a notice of location, date and time of these meetings.

In conclusion, if you are concerned with the reputation of our county, if you care about the dogs in these facilities, if you dislike unfairness and bias in your local government: please let Walberg (815-544-2100; know that you disagree with the group of people chosen for this committee.

This is a perfect opportunity for YOU to do something for the dogs — BE THEIR VOICE!


Marie Arnquist, Belvidere


Letter: Animal cruelty, abuse in local puppy mills - Opinion - Rockford Register Star - Rockford, IL