Friday, May 7, 2010

Metra CEO Phil Pagano Commits Suicide | NBC Chicago


Embattled Metra CEO Phil Pagano committed suicide Friday morning, just hours before the agency's board was to meet to discuss his future.

Pagano stood on the tracks in unincorporated Crystal Lake for about five to 10 seconds before the train hit him at around 8 a.m., the train's conductor said, adding that he made eye contact with Pagano before the impact.  There were 24 passengers aboard the train.

"The engineer made a statement to us that he simply saw a person standing in between the rails of the track, looking at the train," said McHenry County Sheriff  Keith Nygren.

Nygren said Pagano left a note indicating his intentions, and reports said investigators found his wallet and a copy of Metra's guidlines on how to handle a stoppage due to a suicide.  

Board members were visibly shaken by the news.

"This is a sad day for Metra," said Jack Partelow, a Metra board member, when asked about reports.

Pagano was placed on administrative leave last week after it was discovered he took an unauthorized $56,000 bonus. The Cook County States Attorney's office said it had launched a criminal probe as well.

Pagano, who has run the agency for 20 years, is paid $269,625 to run the commuter rail service. But sources say he gave himself an extra $56,000 last year. Metra employees don't get bonuses, spokeswoman Judy Pardonnet said.

The Metra board hired a lawyer to investigate the alleged misappropriation. Senator Dick Durbin called for a federal investigation into the bonus. 

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“Tax meant for streets "– Chuck Popp’s Letter to Editor

As the former city attorney for Belvidere when the utility tax was adopted, I must dispute the contention of my good friend Mayor Brereton that the money collected was a “rainy day fund.”

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