Friday, February 24, 2012

Voter Reference Sources for the Electric Aggregation Referendum

As of yet neither the city of Belvidere nor Boone County has provided citizens much information on the electric aggregation referendum.  Below courtesy of City Barbs is a reading list regarding the issue.  In addition I recommend City Barb’s posting of “Municipal Electrical Aggregation and You” at:


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CUB Facts: Community Aggregation

Why municipal aggregation does not maximize savings

Municipal Aggregation in Illinois: Five Things You Should Not Ignore

Shocking electricity prices follow deregulation

Municipal Aggregation & Retail Competition in the Ohio Energy Sector

The Case (for and) Against Multi-Level Marketing

Beware the “Main Street Bubble” of Multi-Level Marketing groups without U.S. Government Protection

Jarid’s story

I hope everyone read this letter to the editor in Friday’s Boone County Journal.  Jarid did not mention names but if you ask your current or ex-alderman I am sure you can find out.  Jarid was incorrect in one regard, at least two aldermen attempted to go to the meeting which was canceled without notification because of the “firing”.

Late last year I wrote you a letter exclaiming my excitement
for returning to my beloved home town of Belvidere.
I have now found residency and my excitement has grown
even more. I have met people with incredible passion for the
city. Their ideas for growth, prosperity and job creation are
amazing. With citizens like this and their forward thinking
vision Belvidere has a VERY bright future.

In my last letter I also expressed some reservation for the
vision (or lack thereof) our current city council and the “old
guard” that controls it has. As I become more involved I’ve
noticed the “old guard” vision is short sighted, dull and looks
only in the review mirror. PEDC, the group city council
hired for revitalization assistance, recently conducted interviews
with the people of Belvidere. All though turnout was
low it did come with a lot of passion from citizens wanting to
move our community forward. However there was one person,
from the “old guard,” that did his best to stop the vision
and passion of those in attendance. After he stormed out with
his arms in the air he evidently complained enough to someone
with the power to make a call. The fine lady conducting
the interviews lost her job the very next morning;
she got the
axe before she even made it in to her office. Sad, sad, sad.
What’s even more upsetting is that city council members, the
ones who spent tax dollars hiring PEDC, didn’t even bother
to show up for their scheduled interview. NOT ONE!

In Mayor Brereton’s final “State of the City” speech (and
a great speech it was) he gave some insight and direction for
the future leadership of our great city. He suggested it’s time
to let a new generation, a younger generation, come forward
to lead our community. A generation chalked full of fresh
ideas and limitless passion. A generation that will create jobs,
not one that will complain and have them destroyed.

Together we can turnout the “old guard”. If we want a
more prosperous job creating community we must. Or at best
one that will show up and participate. The community can no
longer afford such a vapid disrespectful city council.

A very thankful member of the community,

Jarid F. Funderburg

County hires consultant to help with electricity program

Wednesday, 22 February 2012 21:21 Bob Balgemann

So far almost all of the referendums around the state have passed with many cities, villages and counties, including the nearby village of Harvard, already negotiating new rates. There is an opt-out clause for residents or business owners who don’t want to be part of the program.

There currently are no plans to have a public meeting before the vote.

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Kent Law School request Illinois AG action regarding DeKalb Library Expansion

The following request for a review of the Open Meetings Act is being requested by the Center for Open Government of Kent Law School. 

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How the U.S. Could Pressure North Korea Tomorrow: Quit the $100 Bill - Yahoo! News


Yet amidst all the discussion of how the U.S. will attempt to work with Kim Jon-un, there has been little (open) speculation as to whether Dear Leader Junior might crank up production of $100 and $50 bills. No, not North Korean 100- or 50-won banknotes, worth about as much as old tissues. I'm talking about fake greenbacks -- or, as the U.S. Secret Service has dubbed them, "superdollars."

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