Thursday, January 8, 2009

Everybody knows about Chrysler but what about NDK?

Here is what they do in the tall, thin building in the half occupied industrial park as you get off the tollway. 


January 2009 – Belvidere, Illinois – NDK (Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.) announces the availability of the world’s smallest low profile high reliability surface mount crystal. The NX1612AA series measures only L=1.6 mm x W=1.2 mm x H=0.3 mm, taking only 40% of the volume and 60% of the board space of NDK’s previous generation crystal products. These devices operate in a fundamental frequency range of 26~80 MHz. Frequency tolerance at 25ºC is ±10 ppm and their frequency stability vs. temperature is: ±10 ppm over –20 to +70ºC. The NX1612AA exhibits a maximum series ESR (equivalent series resistance) of 200W in the frequency range of 26~36 MHz and 100W in the 36~80 MHz frequency range. The Standard load capacitance is 7 pF, however other values can be made available. Applications for this tiny crystal include mobile phones, Bluetooth, WLAN, Zigbee, NFC, and many other small wireless devices and module components. The NX1612AA is presented in a lead-free, RoHS conformance package and meet the re-flow profiling requirements for lead-free solder.
“As the market demands for ultra compact WLAN and Bluetooth wireless products continues to grow so does the quest for smaller components. NDK’s NX1612 are the world’s smallest mass production high reliability crystals,” said Mike Walczak, President of NDK America, Inc.
Cost for 10,000 pieces of the NX1612AA is under $1.00 and delivery is 8 to 12 weeks. They are packaged in tape and reel. A complete set of technical data and application engineering support, and engineering samples are available on-line at, by calling 800-NDK-XTAL (635-9825), or by emailing
For Additional Press Information Contact:
Ken Hennessy, General Sales Manager Sales and Engineering, 815-544-7917
NDK America, Inc.

Hey Look at the New State Motto

license plate

Watch out McDonalds—your golden arches are being challenged

Hey take a look at the Zoning change notice.  Sonics is coming to Belvidere.  During the Christmas holiday I was shopping at Algonquin Crossings off of Randall Road in Algonquin. They were opening one of these restaurants.  There was a block long traffic jam of cars all trying to get into the drive-up.  If you kids attend any of the colleges in the Southern part of the state they can tell you all about the menu.

Notice of Public Hearing
You are hereby notified that a public hearing will be held by the Belvidere
Planning and Zoning Commission on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 6:00
P.M. at the Belvidere City Hall, 401 Whitney Boulevard, Belvidere, Illinois,
61008 for the purpose of considering a special use application submitted
by the applicant, Mason Harrison Ratliff Enterprises, LLC on behalf of the
owner, Landmark Five, LLC to amend the approved planned community
development (Section 150.907 of the Belvidere Zoning Ordinance) for
the commercial development of a Sonic Restaurant on .75 acres near the
intersection of State Street and Van Epps Drive in Belvidere Township (PIN:
05-22-403-001). The property is zoned PB Planned Business District.
The subject property is legally described as follows:
Lot One of Plat 1 of Landmark Crossings, the plat of which is recorded in
Plat Index File Envelope 324-A as Document Number 2005R07560 in the
Recorder’s Office of Boone County, Illinois, being a subdivision of part of
the East Half of Section 22, Township 44 North, Range 3 East of the Third
Principal Meridian, Boone County, Illinois.
All persons interested in said petition may attend and be heard at the stated
time and place.
Dan Snow, Chairman
City of Belvidere Planning and Zoning Commission
Published in the Boone County Journal 1/2/09

Mystery Grant

I just found out a few things about the sewer/water grant that the City of Belvidere (I think) is applying for.  It is for $600,000.  It will connect from the facilities at Belvidere North High School and run along the road to the nursing home.  It is a 4 inch water pipe, 12 inch sewer with an 8 inch service to the property at Squaw Prairie and Route 78.  The line is intended for a $20,000,000 apartment/extended care facility to be built and operated by the current management of Maplecrest Nursing Home on land owned by Boone County.  The county would lease the land to Maplecrest management.   The total cost of the city’s water/sewer project is in the neighborhood of $1,000,000 which would not include a required lift station which would be built and operated by Maplecrest management.  This is all “third hand” so I may have taken it down wrong.

Ms. Becky Tobin, Assistant Administrator of Boone County, is writing the grant (for the city I guess).  I understand that by Friday evening Ms. Tobin will have a skeleton of the grant application on the county’s website:   Thus  written details of the grant application should be available for public review before the official public hearing on Monday, January 12, 2008.  That meeting is at 6:00 PM at Belvidere City Hall.

I hope to attend.  I would be happy to relay any questions;  use the email site above or my personal email.

Does anyone know if the county has completed the formal agreement (lease) for this planned apartment/care facility?