Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fears mount over giant carp reaching Great Lakes


Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and five environmental groups threatened on Wednesday to sue the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to force it to temporarily shut three shipping locks near Chicago because of evidence that Asian carp may have breached the electrical barrier that is supposed to hold them back from the lakes.

Scientists say more than 180 invasive species have entered the Great Lakes, multiplying rapidly and feeding on native species or competing with them for food. Millions

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Gitmo poetry event at McHenry County College postponed

Even before the scheduled wake there was controversy about this event—read the comments.

A Mc­Henry County College official said a student group postponed an event featuring poetry by Guantanamo detainees so that the college could arrange for more staffing.

The Student Peace Action Network had planned to have a law professor who worked on unlawful detainment actions for 17 Guantanamo detainees speak at 7 p.m. Thursday. That is the same evening as a wake that has been set for Sgt. Jason McLeod, the Crystal Lake soldier who was killed last week in Afghanistan.

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Law professor writes a tutorial on walking away [from your mortgage]

With Boone County real estate values down 10%, 20% or more—is this what will happen with many area home mortgages?

new academic paper by Brent T. White, a University of Arizona law school professor, titled "Underwater and Not Walking Away: Shame, Fear and the Social Management of the Housing Crisis."

as long as you stay current with other creditors, "one can have a good credit rating again - meaning above 660 - within two years after a foreclosure."

default "strategically:" buy all the major items you'll need for the next couple of years - a new car, even a new house - just before you pull the plug on your current mortgage lender.

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Salesman Says McHenry County Video Poker is small potatoes

Mr. Mc Swain canvassed 44 businesses in hopes of renting them video slot machines whenever the Illinois Gaming Board finally comes up with rules to allow them.  He said his best guess is that only about 25 of them would even consider putting in the $12,000 to $20,000 gambling machines.

Even those businesses that might put in the machines probably wouldn't install the full five allowable.  "You'd probably want at least two," said McSwain, "so there'd be no waiting but a lot of these places just don't have room for much more."

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Guest Column Dan Kenney: Rep. Manzullo, we need to hear more than ‘I’m sorry’ | The Rock River Times

I have seen so little comment on Mr. Manzullo’s insensitive comments in the Rockford area—this article is a breath of fresh air. 

isn’t it a sad irony that Mr. Manzullo can refer to the detainees as being driven by a “savage religion,” when those very same individuals have suffered the most savage of interrogation techniques by the hands of our own government while he stood by complicit with his silence?

And maybe you need to hear this poem from one of the “brutal killers” held at Guantanamo:

Death Poem by Jumah al Dossari

Take my blood.

Take my death shroud and

The remnants of my body.

Take photographs of my corpse

at the grave, lonely.

Send them to the world,

To the judges and

To the people of conscience,

Send them to the principled men

and the fair-minded.

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