Friday, March 6, 2009

Rockford/Winnebago County gets $1.5million JAG Grant from Recovery Act

Here is what is said of the program in general, from the  website.

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Fighting Crime, Improving the Justice System

Friday, March 6, 2009

President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder announced $2 billion in Recovery Act 2009 funding allocations for state and local law enforcement assistance available through the Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program.

The JAG Program allows states and local governments to support a broad range of activities to prevent and control crime and improve the criminal justice system. Those activities include:

  • Law enforcement programs.
  • Prosecution and court programs.
  • Prevention and education programs.
  • Corrections and community corrections programs.
  • Drug treatment and enforcement programs.
  • Planning, evaluation, and technology improvement programs.
  • Crime victim and witness programs (other than compensation).

“These funds are a vital component in our effort to not just revive our economy, but to build a new foundation for lasting prosperity and security,” President Obama said. “By keeping police officers on the streets whose jobs were threatened by budget cuts and ensuring states and municipalities have the tools and equipment necessary to fight crime, this money will simultaneously help jumpstart the American economy and protect our citizens.”

Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program

Estimated State vs. Local Government Distribution of Funds
Estimated State vs. Local Government Distribution of Funds

The procedure for allocating JAG grants is based on a formula of population and violent crime statistics, in combination with a minimum allocation to ensure that each state and territory receives an appropriate share of funding. Sixty percent of the allocation is awarded directly to a state and 40 percent is set aside for units of local governments. Funding will be used by states and more than 5000 local communities to enhance their ability to protect communities and combat crime.

Track funds going to your state and local government using the map provided by the Department of Justice.

Here is Illinois and the individual local government shares:


2010 Census Still Imperiled by Technical, Other Troubles, GAO Says -

Here is good summary of the 2010 Census. Actual census taking will begin in April 2010.

2010 Census Still Imperiled by Technical, Other Troubles, GAO Says -

Unemployment up again.

Labor Department released February employment statistics.  Unemployment rose from 7.6% to 8.1%.  Job loss the last four months 2.6 million.  Job losses in February were large and widespread across all major industry sectors.

The first page of the official news release is below.   The other five pages can be viewed at:


How slow do the wheels of government move?

The following is an “update” from the Rockford Register Star, March 6, 2009 on labor negotiations which have apparently been at a stand still since July 2008.Wheels of government / Comment / Opinion - A chance to remake the global financial system

A viewpoint from Australia. / Comment / Opinion - A chance to remake the global financial system

Fiat-Chrysler partnership will bring 7 new models to U.S.

Here is a blog which purports  to know what cars from FIAT are possibly coming to US.

Fiat-Chrysler partnership will bring 7 new models to U.S.

Symbols can mean a lot: 1935 Works Progress Administration; 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

President and Vice President Unveil New Recovery Emblem (download available)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On Tuesday, March 3, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden unveiled a new emblem to identify Recovery projects. "We're going to make it easier for Americans to see what projects are being funded with their money as part of our recovery. So in the weeks to come, the signs denoting these projects are going to bear the new emblem of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act," said President Obama.
ARRA Emblem
"These emblems are symbols of our commitment to you, the American people -- a commitment to investing your tax dollars wisely, to put Americans to work doing the work that needs to be done. So when you see them on projects that your tax dollars made possible, let it be a reminder that our government -- your government -- is doing its part to put the economy back on the road of recovery," the President further explained.