Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update on the Sewer Grant

I just found out that Maple Crest Nursing Home is on the tax rolls.  It is assessed at $747,162.  One acre of land and the buildings are taxed, the other 24 acres is considered exempt since it is used by the county.  The tax ID number is 05-14-100-015. The following indicates the taxes paid since 2002:

2008 $45,168.18
2007 $46947.92
2006 $31,506.14
2005 $30,883.72
2004 $29,861.96
2003 $30,959.68
2002 $46,973.58

I am somewhat unclear if the county will continue to use any of the land if the assisted living facility is approved.  That facility will use only 8 acres according to Kevin Haas article in the Register Star which I posted on January 14.