Thursday, February 3, 2011

Carbon monoxide problems increase along with snowfall - Courier News

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According to a press release issued by the city of Elgin, these types of incidents are a common problem when there are high snow drifts that block furnace vents and air intakes in some homes — predominantly homes that have newer, high-efficiency furnaces. These systems typically vent through the sill plate of a home, close to ground level through white PVC piping.

Drifting snow has the potential to block these vents, causing the furnace or water heater to stop operating. Some newer high-efficiency furnaces have automatic shutoffs that shut down a furnace when the vents are blocked, but many furnaces don’t. If they fail to shut down, carbon monoxide may back up in a home.

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Vatican: Commission to listen to victims of Legionaries of Christ founder

Father Marcial Maciel (Degollado)

Pope Benedict XVI named Cardinal Velasio De Paolis papal delegate of the Legionaries after it became clear that Father Maciel, who died in 2008, had fathered children and sexually abused seminarians.
Legionary Father Andreas Schoggl, spokesman for the order in Rome, said the commission is limiting its outreach to victims of Father Maciel because "it is the most urgent need and the one Cardinal De Paolis wants to attend to directly. For other cases, which thankfully have been few, there are other processes and structures in place."
Because Father Maciel was the order's founder, "this is a special case,"

CNS STORY: Commission to listen to victims of Legionaries of Christ founder

Another source for news from Egypt

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Al Jazeera has live feed (at times both audio and video) from Cairo and elsewhere in Egypt. Direct TV has also started coverage on some of its satellite TV channels across the US.  See below for computer links to Al Jazeera.

Wikipedia Citation on Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera (Arabic: الجزيرة‎ al-ǧazīrah IPA: [ˌʔæl.dʒæˈziːrɐ], literally, "The Island") is an international news network headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Initially launched as an Arabic news and current affairs satellite TV channel with the same name, Al Jazeera has since expanded into a network with several outlets, including the Internet and specialty TV channels in multiple languages. Al Jazeera is accessible in several world regions and is owned by Qatar Media Corporation.

The original Al Jazeera channel's willingness to broadcast dissenting views, including on call-in shows, created controversies in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. The station gained worldwide attention following the September 11, 2001 attacks, when it was the only channel to cover the war in Afghanistan live from its office there.


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Job Loss, Health Care and Bankruptcy | FactCheck’s take

This article concerns the  MEET THE PRESS program of 1-23-2011:  Transcript 1-23-2011 at:

Clyburn [U.S. Representative, (Dem) South Carolina]: “Well, look, what we were facing with families going into bankruptcy because of health care – the biggest cause of individual bankruptcy was over health insurance. So what the president did here — and I think if we look at it, of the 1.1 million new jobs, 20 percent of those jobs are in the health care industry.”

more accurate for Clyburn to say health care costs contribute to most bankruptcies, not that they are the cause of most bankruptcies

Hughes [Bush Advisor and the Administration Under-Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy—2005/7]:  “And so you can talk about new jobs, but the, the vast majority of jobs have been lost since December of 2008 when President Obama became — was preparing to become president. We’ve lost 8 million jobs, and we still have a stubbornly high unemployment rate of 9.4 percent.”

. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, total nonfarm employment (the standard measure of jobs) declined by nearly 8.4 million between its most recent peak in December 2007 and when the job slump bottomed out two years later, in December 2009. Of those lost jobs, 4.4 million disappeared while Bush was president, and just under 4 million vanished during Obama’s first year.

Bush’s last month in office saw a particularly severe job loss: 779,000. Adding those losses to Obama’s column and subtracting them from that of Hughes’ ex-boss would (incorrectly) put the totals at 3.6 million jobs lost under Bush and more than 4.7 million lost under Obama. Even that wouldn’t be a disparity that we would characterize as "vast." But vast or not, the comparison is wrong.

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