Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Huntley Holds Local Lead In Slack New Home Permits

The  graph below shows just how hot the new home construct was for Huntley and how cold it is for the area today. Huntley’s 1990 population was 2,453 and the 2000 number was 5,730. A Special Census in 2008 revealed the population to be 23,229.

Huntley remains one of the few bright spots in Northern Illinois.  "Through July we've issued permits for 60 new homes," Huntley Village Manager Dave Johnson told FEN Friday.
"We issued 12 permits in July," said Johnson.  "We're in the top three in the Chicago area."  Elgin leads the pack so far this year with 95 starts followed by Shorewood with 76, according to Johnson's figures.
Everything is relative, of course.  While Huntley housing bodes to beat last year's depressed figure of only 75 permits all year

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