Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Anti-Corruption referendum on Boone County Agenda




Scott Gessert

By KEVIN P. CRAVER kcraver @shawmedia.com

WOODSTOCK – An advisory referendum aimed at marshaling support for anti-corruption laws to remove money from politics has a second lease on life for the Nov. 8 ballot.

The cancellation of the McHenry County Board committee that was next set to debate the referendum at first prevented it from appearing on the full board agenda Tuesday, which is the last County Board meeting before the Aug. 22 deadline to put referendums on the ballot. But a behind-the-scenes push got it added for a Tuesday vote.

Woodstock resident Scott Gessert, who has asked the board during its past several meetings to advance the question, said he was happy that the question will have a chance, but was upset that it almost didn’t. He is the McHenry County leader of the national grass-roots group Represent.Us, which is pushing nationwide for anti-corruption legislation.

“I am concerned that it took such an effort to get a simple advisory referendum through committee. I’m looking forward to the community coming forward to show their support for this initiative,” Gessert said.

If put on the ballot by the County Board, voters in one yes-or-no question will be asked whether they support prohibiting politicians from taking campaign money from special interests they regulate; increasing campaign funding transparency; allowing voters to contribute to candidates through a tax-rebate voucher; placing limits on how much super-PACs can raise and spend; and prohibiting elected officials and their senior staff from participating in lobbying activity for five years after leaving office.

The question mirrors one that appeared on ballots last year in Winnebago and DeKalb counties – voters approved them both. A similar effort is underway to get the question put before Boone County voters

Above is from:  http://www.nwherald.com/2016/08/12/anti-corruption-referendum-added-to-mchenry-county-board-agenda/aqqkr7m/



August 17 Boone County Board Board Agenda:  13.2 Motion to Approve Resolution 16-18 Which Places an Advisory Referendum on the November 8, 2016 Ballot Related to Anti-Corruption Reform. (Approved 5-0)

Below is the information submitted by Scott Gesssert  of Represent Us