Monday, September 12, 2011

Boone County receives a seven page Management Letter from Auditing Firm

Based upon the length of the management letter it appears some changes are called for.

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Great Article Regarding Boone County’s Latino growth and future

The real question is how much do our leaders and community know about our Hispanic neighbors.  What countries do they come from?  If they are from Mexico, each Mexican state is often quite different as far as culture and aspirations. Has anyone even asked these questions? 

Just like my Belgium grandparents they tend to settle in the same place with their brothers and sisters, cousins and neighbors from back home.  They are not always certain that this is the right place for them.  My father was born in Texas because my grandfather left the factory of Moline and tried to do what his brother did—become a vegetable farmer in Texas.  His brother stayed and family still lives there today. My grandfather’s great idea failed and was replaced with others, back in the Quad Cities. 

I find my Spanish speaking neighbors warm, loving.   Many activities are family center with much music and celebration.  Many are seeking a rural life much like myself.  How can we learn to know each other better? Remember that their Spanish speaking forefather held claim to much of the United States before Ellis Island opened its gates.

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9-11-2011  Hispanic Census

9-11-2011  Hispanic Census.png 2