Monday, February 8, 2010

Does Boone County Government Comply with the Illinois Open Meetings Act?

The following is taken from Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s website, Frequently Asked Questions concerning Open meetings Act,  Page 5 of the 9 page document describes required recordings of meetings and subcommittee meetings.:  []


Is the public body required to take minutes of its open meetings?
Yes. The minutes must include:
 the date, time and place of the meeting;
 a list of the members present and absent from the meeting, and whether they
attended in person, by phone, or by video;
 a summary of the discussion of all matters proposed, deliberated, or decided; and
 a record of any votes taken.
It is important to note that subsidiary bodies of public bodies (such as committees and subcommittees) are also required to take minutes of meetings.
A public body must make minutes of the meeting available for public inspection and post them on the public body’s website (if it has one) within 7 calendar days after the minutes
are approved by the public body. Typically, the minutes are approved at the next board

Why does the County’s website: not have minutes posted?

Daily Chronicle: DeKalb should disclose names

On Jan. 22, the Daily Chronicle submitted a request to the city, under the Freedom of Information Act, for records pertaining to applicants to the 3rd Ward vacancy.  The following is their editorial regarding the pending investigation by Attorney General Madigan.

The city has informed the newspaper of its intent to deny the FOIA request, citing personal privacy issues.
Under the FOIA revision, which went into effect Jan. 1, a public body citing the personal privacy exemption as grounds for a FOIA denial has to get that approved from the Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor.
In this case, the PAC is seeking more information from the city before ruling on the denial.
We find the city’s use of this exemption to deny the public this information troubling.

Click on the following for the rest of the editorial:  Our View: DeKalb should disclose names | Daily Chronicle

There is also a request for an Attorney General review of the open meetings act regarding the appointment.  The following letter and information request has been made to the Mayor of DeKalb.  Click on the phot0copy to enlarge:



Chrysler pledges $550M to build Fiat 500 in Mexico

What does this mean for Belvidere? 

Chrysler Group LLC says it will invest $550 million to build the Fiat 500 minicar at its assembly plant near Mexico City

Mexican President Felipe Calderon says Chrysler will produce between 100,000 and 130,000 vehicles at the plant, creating about 1,200 indirect jobs. Chrysler says the Mexican government has provided a $400 million incentive package for the project, the majority of it as loans.

Chrysler pledges $550M to build Fiat 500 in Mexico - Yahoo! News

Rock Valley Local organizations offer engineering fun for youth

Discover Engineering is sponsored by NDK America, Inc. and the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers

Local engineering feats will be showcased at Discovery Center Museum on Saturday, February 13 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to celebrate National Engineers’ Week - February 14 -20, 2010.

Manufacturing 2.0 » Local organizations offer engineering fun for youth

State senator threatened with eviction from Barrington office

State Sen. Dan Duffy says he won't complain if he is booted from his Barrington office because the state government hasn't been paying the rent on time.

$3.3 billion backlog in bills and $2.5 billion in loan payments due starting next month, there is a long line of creditors seeking money from the state comptroller's office. [Building owner] GNP is due about $8,000 for Duffy's office, a new tab that has grown since the company received $10,000 in tardy rent payments in October. The company covers utilities and other contract services from the monthly rent it charges.

Boller Construction Co. managed to receive payment after waiting more than six months on a $1 million-plus fee for work as general contractor at College of Lake County. Boller led projects at CLC's Grayslake and Waukegan campuses last summer.

President Lyle Ehlers said the state's tardiness forced Waukegan-based Boller to take "extraordinary measures" to secure financing while it waited for its money. Unlike Boller, some companies quit the CLC projects over the late payments.

Daily Herald | State senator threatened with eviction from Barrington office

Cherry Valley Committee discusses video gaming in village

The Cherry Valley Village Board of Trustees’ discussion was heavily biased toward allowing these devices in the village and how they might be regulated

“…We only need to act if we want to limit their use within the village boundaries."

Click on the following for more details:  The Belvidere Daily Republican. - Committee discusses video gaming in village

County receives funding for emergency programs

Boone County has been chosen to receive $56,877 to supplement emergency food and shelter programs for 2010.

local board made up of the American Red Cross, Boone County Council on Aging, Catholic Charities, City of Belvidere, The Salvation Army, United Jewish Communities, Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church, Homeless Representative, RAMP, and the United Way of Boone County will determine how the funds awarded to Boone County are to be distributed among the emergency food and shelter programs run by local service organizations

The Belvidere Daily Republican. - County receives funding for emergency programs