Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mystery Grant is actually a Phoenix

I attended Monday’s (1-12-2009) public hearing regarding the grant application for sewer connection to the county’s Maple Crest nursing home and proposed assisted living center.  It was very interesting because I discovered a few facts that I wish the administration/politicians would  have revealed before.

First this is really not a new grant application, but rather a resubmission because the application in 2007 was rejected for “incompleteness”.  When I get a chance I hope to go to the courthouse and review the old application and the rejection notice, then I can speak with more confidence regarding this matter of why the reapplication.

The actual developer for the assisted living project is Horve Builders from the Decatur, Illinois area.  I talked to Steve Horve, the owner, and he answered many of the questions which until now were unanswered. (1) The assisted living facility would be on the real estate rolls.  The facilities would be owned by a for-profit corporation, possibly an affiliate of his own company.  (2)The company wants a 99 year lease for the property because in doing so the land cost can be amortized. (if they purchased actual land they would probably sell the land to a third party to achieve this financial advantage) (3)  Usually the units rent for approximately $2,700 per month (including nursing assistance), with financial assistance from the government that cost could be as low as $570 per month.  One of the real positives of the facility is that if an individual’s resources run out there would be smooth transition to government assistance without the need to change facilities.

Below is a handout which Ms. Tobin gave the aldermen which provides a synopsis of the grant.  Click on it to make it more readable.CDAP Grant