Monday, August 1, 2011

Index of postings from Concerned Catholics of Boone County

Is St. James admitting that there is a “problem” with their zoning request for a new church?

St. James’ agent, Jeff Linkenheld,  has requested a postponement of the August 1 vote by the Belvidere City Council on their zoning request.  They are working out compromises on some of their requested variance from the city zoning.  If the postponement is granted, the detail will not be submitted to the public for another 15 days.

Extension request 7-28-2011


Reports from the neighbors ,who lodged a formal protest regarding  the zoning change, indicate that beginning last Tuesday Fr. Geary has made personal visits requesting that they consider selling their property to the parish and drop their protest.  As a parishioner whose contribution might pay for such property I wonder where the money will come from.  I understand that the building project is already over the $5.5 projected cost and that is the upper limit as to the amount the parish can spend.  (See letter from Diocese by clicking on following: Or is that letter from the Diocese no longer in effect? Does Fr. Geary have authority from the bishop to negotiate such property purchases?  Meanwhile parishioners have been told nothing about these details either from the pulpit or in the bulletin.