Saturday, November 14, 2009

Representative Don Manzullo opposes moving Gitmo to Thomson Prison

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“The terrorists remaining at Guantanamo Bay are dangerous and brutal killers, many of whom were involved in the attacks on our nation. As a matter of national security and public safety, I have consistently joined with a majority of my colleagues in fighting efforts to bring these terrorists onto our shores, and I adamantly oppose this plan to bring the terrorists to northwestern Illinois, where they could one day be released into our communities. Gitmo is set up to house these dangerous terrorists, and they should stay there.

“Part of the Administration’s proposal involves opening a separate maximum security federal prison at Thomson, and I have long encouraged the Administration to support that venture as long as it does not include the Guantanamo Bay detainees. Our residents in Carroll County and throughout northwestern Illinois desperately need jobs, and if there’s a need for a new federal prison to house domestic federal prisoners the Thomson facility would be ideal. But bringing the world’s most dangerous terrorists to northern Illinois would do more harm than good in the long run. Future job providers and residents would have serious reservations about locating in a region that’s home to the world’s most dangerous criminals and could be a target for future terrorist activity

Representative Don Manzullo

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illinois smith said...

Put a red pin on the targets about 100 miles along the Mississippi river in this area: major rail and truck bridges,pipelines,locks,toxic waste at the Savanna arsenal, military supplies at the Rock Island arsenal, Nuke plant and used fuel rods by Quad cities, Major ammo plant a bit down river. The are not guarded enough now. This region is a terrorist's wet dream!