Saturday, September 24, 2016

Is Boone County really out of consideration for GLB RR Project?


Listen to what one group says about Boone County



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Attention Boone County Residents!!!

This alternative route is just that a second choice if the surface Transportation board feels the first choice which would include Boone County does not work then they would move to the alternative route which would be Winnebago County. This sounds like a tactic to get us to stop fighting please keep your signs up and continue to fight against the railroad no alternative routes are good. we want no Railroad. When sending letters two Representatives or anything else there is no good alternative route.

Citizens against "The Great Lakes Basin Railroad" project


Note that two Boone County alternatives are still proposed if the “new preferred route” runs into environmental problems.  SEE Alignment #291 and #292 below:


Above is from:


The detailed response of Great Lakes Basis to the Surface Transportation Board is at:$file/EI-25375.pdf

Below is a map of the GLB’s preferred route.


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