Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wednesday’s Boone County Board meeting

  See the update on several of the votes.

NEWS ALERT-Posted this am by Boone County Board member Cathy Ward on FACEBOOK. Thank you Cathy Ward for keeping us all informed!

"BOONE COUNTY BOARD HIGHLIGHTS - No decisions yet on the use of Public Safety Sales Tax money, no decision on Fees for Not-for-Profit groups - more to come soon on both important issues - but the board did vote to put stop signs on Caledonia Road at the Dawson Lake Road intersection. More than 250 people living in that area had asked the roads committee for six months to reduce the speed or put up stop signs to slow down traffic on what many consider a speedway. The board also approved putting an anti-corruption referendum on the November ballot and a resolution for term limits. Much debate on several issues. Love to see so many, many people coming to our meetings to see politics in action. What amazes me is that some board members seem to believe that once they are elected, their opinions must be right because they were elected. Amazing. What I don't like from some is arrogance, rudeness and total disdain for the people who elected us - and I'm so glad so many people now see this. Just heard a great statement. 'Those who elected us are our employers. Those we serve are our customers.' All should remember that."


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HOW BOONE COUNTY BOARD VOTED - Several of you fb friends and lots of Boone County friends asked about the vote last week. Double checked with Boone County Clerk Mary Steuer today.

Board members : Chair Bob Walberg, and members Sherry Giesecke , Karl Johnson, and Brad Stark voted no on a stop sign on Dawson Lake and Caledonia Road.

250 people from the area had signed petitions asking us to help slow down motorists for months. .

Those voting yes were Jeff Carlisle, Denny Ellingson, Ken Freeman, Ray Larson, Cory Lind, Jessica Muellner and me.

When asked by dozens to put an anti-corruption referendum on the ballot, Board chair Bob Walberg, Karl Johnson, Cory Lind and Brad Stark voted no. Interesting.

Those voting yes were Jeff Carlisle, Denny Ellingson, Ken Freeman, Sherry Giesecke, Ray Larson, Jessica Muellner and me.

Board member Sherry Branson was absent.

Lots of challenging issues coming up. I'll keep you posted.

Cathy Ward

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