Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Candlewick Lake drinking water concerns

Residents say they want to be reimbursed for dirty water, damages to homes


By Emily Waldron |

Published 08/16 2016 10:28PM

Updated 08/17 2016 08:59AM



During a board meeting Tuesday night, Candlewick Lake residents demanded repayment for the damages caused to some of their homes by dirty water.

The community’s water provider – Aqua America – came to the meeting to try to provide answers to residents.

Over a dozen residents got up to speak, asking questions about why they never received notice from Aqua about the wells needing repairs. Aqua says they sent out automated phone calls, however that is a service residents need to sign up for.

Many also wanted to know if there would be any kind of reimbursements on their water bills, or some kind of repayment to fix appliances in their homes that were ruined by the dirty water. Aqua openly stated that they will not be offering any reimbursements.

Residents in attendance said they pay anywhere from $100-300 per month for Aqua's water.

"They're not looking at compensating us,” said resident Tina Hamilton. “In fact, they have informed us that no, the price is going to keep going up."

Another woman says the dirty water could have forced her husband – who has stage 4 kidney disease – onto dialysis.

"I heard tonight that they were adding some sort of chemical to the water to counteract Iron, and my concern is, is that safe for my husband to drink? We weren't notified of anything being added to our water,” said resident Linda Manliguis.

The Candlewick Board says they're now looking into creating a committee of some kind to oversee Aqua's operations within the community in the future. They have not said whether they will consider switching from Aqua to another water provider.

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