Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Audience requested for Wednesday’s 4:00 Belvidere Township Meeting


Dear Friends 

They are trying to throw me off the ballot as an independent candidate.  I have turned in 304 signatures they are objecting to many things, But the valid vote count I need to end up with is 244 votes.  I understand that Judy Schabacker Township Clerk circulated information earlier to candidates and published the information that said the requirement was only 234.  But per Mary Stuerer the County clerk 244 is the number.

Republican candidates needed only 19 signatures and Democratic candidates only 8.

I could really need your presence and support at the hearing tomorrow afternoon at 4 PM, at Belvidere Township, so I am not .   Not to say or do anything, but just as observer, and a witness to what is going on.  Please come if you can. 

Kimm, My husband is not able to attend, he just came down with a severe case of shingles in the past few days on his face head and eyes.  It is pretty serious and dangerous.  He is really sick and I believe that it will be  a long healing process. 

So if you can make it to this meeting , please come .  I appreciate the fact that you are my friends.

Thank you so much.


Diann Helnore



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