Thursday, September 8, 2016

Walker follows Koch brothers’ agenda

Your Views: Walker follows Koch brothers’ agenda

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016



Gov. Scott Walker has certainly done his part to advance the Koch brothers call for lower corporate taxes, less corporate regulation, restrictive management of elections, less oversight of industry (particularly in environmental areas) and more support for private education at the expense of public education.

The Manufacturers and Agriculture Tax Bill and the Enterprise Zone tax credit have cut $1 billion in taxes for “big” businesses in Wisconsin. This has been a budget disaster necessitating borrowing because of lost revenue!

Public school spending has been cut by the largest amount in state history while private school tuition was given a healthy tax break. Walker followed the Koch’s directive to attack UW faculty and kneecap the public university system with funding cuts and tuition freezes.

The environment came under attack with the passage of a mining bill that swept away environmental protections and authorized harm to wetlands and precious ecological sites. Regulations were relaxed on phosphorous discharge, shoreline zoning, landfills and high capacity wells.

Campaign finance laws were diminished while restrictions on voting were enhanced. Secret redistricting was completed out of the public’s eye and the election and ethics watchdog agency, GAB, was abolished.

Walker has proven his willingness to make Wisconsin a Koch subsidiary and in the process help two unelected billionaires in their effort to control the U.S. government and ignore the well-being of 300 million Americans.


Elkhorn, WI


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